Various Artists: Death Row's 15th Anniversary

Death Row's 15th Anniversary
Various Artists
Label: Death Row Koch
Format: Audio CD [2 discs]
Release Date: 12/26/2006
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Disc 1
Song Featured Artists Multimedia Lyrics
1. Nuthin' But a "G" Thang
2. Dogg Pound 4 Life
3. Afro Puffs [Album Version][Version]
4. Natural Born Killaz
5. How Do U Want It [Alternate Version]
6. B****** Ain't S***
7. Let Me Ride [Extended Version]
8. Life's So Hard
9. Big Pimpin'
10. Gin and Juice
11. G'z Up, H*** Down
12. California Love [Original Version]
13. Made N*****

Disc 2
Song Featured Artists Multimedia Lyrics
1. To Live & Die in L.A. [Alternate Version]
2. Initiated
3. Murder Was the Case (Remix)
4. Ambitionz Az a Ridah
5. All About U
6. Puffin' on Blunts and Drankin' Tanqueray
7. Pain
8. Doggy Dogg World
9. O.G.
10. F*** wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
11. Never Had a Friend Like Me
12. Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
13. Loyal to the Game
14. What Would You Do?

Disc 3
Song Featured Artists Multimedia Lyrics
1. Dre Day [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
2. Nuthin' But a "G" Thang [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
3. Let Me Ride [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
4. Little Ghetto Boy [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
5. Natural Born Killaz [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
6. What's My Name [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
7. Gin & Juice [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
8. Doggy Dogg World [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
9. Murder Was the Case [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
10. Vapors [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
11. Doggfather [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
12. Snoop's Upside Your Head [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
13. Regulate [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
14. Afro Puffs Remix [DVD][*][Mix][Multimedia Track]
15. How Do U Want It [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
16. All About U [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
17. California Love [Music Video][*][Version][Multimedia Track]
18. California Love [Music Video][*][Mix][Version][Multimedia Track]
19. I Ain't Mad at Cha [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
20. Hit Em Up [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
21. Made N***** [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
22. To Live & Die in L.A. [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
23. Toss It Up [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
24. Hail Mary [DVD][*][Multimedia Track]
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