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Hip-Hop News: Jadakiss' Tour Bus Flips
Jadakiss' tour bus crashes, but luckily there is no fatal injuries.
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By Paul Russell
12/1/2002 12:35:51 AM

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Jadakiss' tour bus suffered heavy damage yesterday, when the driver veered off of the road to avoid striking a deer. Jadakiss & 11 people were en route to Chicago's WPWX for a radio show with Busta Rhymes. As the bus traveled west on the Ohio State Turnpike, the driver of the bus swerved to avoid striking crossing deer, which are known to wander onto the busy roadway. The bus veered off of the right side of the road and went through the guardrails. The bus flipped and skid almost 700 feet on its right side, down an embankment and into a ravine, filling the bus with water.

According to manager Alex Higbon, the scene resembled the plane crash scene in Tom Hanks movie Castaway. "Man it was crazy. The way the bus is setup, we were all basically on the left side, so when the bus tipped, we had to pull each other up to get out. The bus flooded up with water and we just pulled one another up and out," Higbon told

Luckily, there were no serious injuries. Jadakiss' DJ suffered a cut on his hand, but miraculously, no one else suffered any injuries. Jada and his entourage had to wait two hours for another bus to arrive and take them back to New York.


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