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Hip-Hop News: Suge Knight Speaks On 8 Mile
Suge Knight gives his negative views on Eminem and "8 Mile"
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By Paul Russell
11/11/2002 2:43:21 PM

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Lias S. Mitchell: What are your feelings towards Mr. Marshall Mathers and are you planning to see 8 Miles when it comes out?

Suge Knight:"Everybody know when your dealing with me you gonna get the truth because that's what I'm about. I already saw 8 Miles and yeah I'm proud to say I bought the bootleg because first of all I'm a real ghetto nigga and second, I don't believe in supporting capitalism by coporate America of our hip-hop culture. I laugh my guts out everytime I see the updated version of Elvis Presley dance around his videos like a clown then the next minute he want to be serious and all violent. Eminem in my eyes is money-making character master-minded by Dre & Jimmy Iovine to make him feel invincible in culture that us blacks worked hard to build. Nobody back in the '80s when this shit first started would have predicted that at one time or another that a 'wigger' or wannabe nigga as I like to call him would be the number rapper. Disrespecting the woman who gave birth to you ain't cool at all. This kid loves to portray himself like a violent guy who's a threat to society but in reality he's getting paid by a culture who is feeding into his gimmick. But it all goes back to Dre because Dre is basically the master of having people believe he's something he's not. There's some rumors going around in the industry regarding Em's sexual preference and I have people working for me to help bring this innuedo to life if it's true. Haha. Look out for Eminem's second bring screen endeavor very soon called "8 Inches" starring him and some Aftermath's finest, hahaha."


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