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Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop Rappers Continue To Respect 2Pac
Various music artists show their love and respect for the Don
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By Paul Russell
11/9/2002 4:56:47 PM

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Even after his demise, the spirit of Makaveli Tha Don is felt and seems impossible to leave the game. His presence is seen evidently in today's emcees, and they continue to dedicate and mention the great one in their rhymes and videos.

Kelly Rowland (from Destiny Child) breaks away with her solo album ""simply Deep" and on her first video, she dedicated it to 2pac and some of the victims of 9/11. Towards the end of the video, you can see her rocking a 2pac T-shirt and the video is a deep one.

Trick Daddy debuted his second single "Thug's Holiday," which is one powerful and deep one. In this video, he paid tribute to all the people working and defending America, 9/11 victims, the widows that lost their husbands during war battles, and nourishing the ghetto kids with plenty of toys. Towards the end of the video, he displayed some of Hip Hop and world legends like 2pac, biggie, Malcom X, Martin Lurther King etc... With this deep and powerful video, i really developed some respect for the trick thug.

We all know about the classic, but unreleased song" Running" which featured 2pac, Outlawz and Biggie. Well, the song have been brought back to life by Scarface, Fat Joe and Baby aka Bird Man. The song will appear on Fat Joe's coming album, and you can hear them spitting some real shits about ghetto and street life. Fat Joe sampled 2pac's voice and was flowing in 2pac's unique accent in the beginning of the song, Bird Man dumped his jewelries and started spitting some real shit, and Scareface does what he does best- giving you that street knowledge like no other. Face finished his verse and dedicated the song to 2pac.

Finally, 2pac's "Better Dayz" album ad appeared on the latest Source Magazine, and the November 26th schedule is still at large.


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