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Hip-Hop News: Big Pun's Widow And Fat Joe Go At It
Liza Rios speaks on Big Pun, Fat Joe and more
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By Paul Russell
11/4/2002 3:43:39 PM

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Liza Rios was on New York's WBLS 107.5 with Egypt last week explaining how her husband, Big Pun abused her psychologically and physically. The abuse is documented on a DVD, "Big Pun: Still Not A Player, " that she released months ago. The documentary has footage of Pun hitting his wife with a gun and pulling her hair. She even lashed out at Fat Joe, claiming that Fat Joe isn't loyal to Big Pun or his family.

"Where's your loyalty? You've been gamin. How you gonna steal food from his kid's mouth." Rios claims that Fat Joe has given her little to no money since Pun has passed. Joe was the executive producer of all of Pun's albums. She said that Joe paid her three payments of $1,500, $12,000 and $15,000. She said that Joe has taken advantage of the man that put Latino's on the map and said that Pun was also responsible for his successful career.

"Joe wasn't there. Fat Joe was running around cashing out his money. I was the one helping him go to the bathroom. I had to wipe his ass. I made him look beautiful for all of the girls out there. I blew him up."

Towards the end of the show, Fat Joe called into the station. "Ain't nobody sending me any royalty checks," stated Joe. She made over half a million dollars. I can show the check stubs and everything. She never let me or the Terror Squad see her kids."

Fat Joe also said claimed that Pun was abusive because his wife was sleeping around. "I don't condone any man hitting a woman," Joe said. "But she slept with his brother. Pun beat her up because she was sleeping with other men in his house."

As the two argued back and forth, Egypt was forced to end her show early.

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