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Hip-Hop News: 2PacLegacy Confirm Release Date Of Better Dayz And Snippets
Official statement from 2PacLegacy on the new 2Pac album "Better Dayz"
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By Paul Russell
11/2/2002 3:10:59 PM

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Fresh from the vast and extensive vaults of unreleased recordings, 2PAC’s latest album, Better Dayz, is due for a November 26 release on Amaru Entertainment/Interscope/Tha Row. Better Dayz is the follow-up to Until The End Of Time, which topped the US Billboard charts backin March 2001 and was later named in The Source’s Top 10 Albums of that year.

Better Dayz, Tupac's sixth posthumous release, has all the necessary ingredients of a great ‘Pac record. It is made up of 25 eclectic selections recorded between 1994-1996 (arguably the most exciting period of his musical career), sprinkled across two discs. Tupac’s incredible diversity was always considered as one of his best qualities, and it is boldly highlighted with this release. Whilst preaching inspirational words of hope and support on tracks like ‘Mama’s Just a LittleGirl’ and ‘Never Call U Bitch Again’, Shakur fires venomous thugged-out spits on ‘When We Ride On Our Enemies’ and ‘Fuck ‘em All’ - tracks that only Tupac could tell with such passion and anger, an attribute rarely seen in current chart-topping rappers.

‘Thugz Mansion’ the first single from Better Dayz, is produced by 7 Aurelius,the man behind many superstar artists. The proposed second-single, which is to be accompanied by a video is ‘My Block’ (Remix) which gives a great insight into Tupac’s thoughts and beliefs. The song is a deep and powerful reflection of the ghetto’s harsh environment that Tupac was raised in. As is ‘Who Do UBelieve In?’ which features Tupac’s late half-brother, Yafeu Fula (Khadafi of Tha Outlawz). The pair’s thought-provoking lyrics on this collaboration are some of the deepest they ever crafted; “Can’t close my eyes cuz’ all I see is terror, I hate the man in the mirror cuz’ his reflection makes the pain turn realer.”(Tupac).

Amaru Entertainment relied on the immense talents of Johnny‘J’, DJ Quik, BRISS, Jazze Pha and more to compose the back-bone of the album, Beats - and to spice it up even more enrolled the vocal talents of Tyrese, Mya, Mr. Biggs (RonIsley) and more. The collection is Executively Produced by Tha Row Records CEO, Suge Knight and Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur, who’s dedication and hard-work wast he driving force behind the project, and must be appreciated by fans everywhere!

2PacLegacy.Com will continue to keep you well updated on all happenings in the forth-coming weeks ‘til release. We will also post a review of the album,which will have a run-down of each track.

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