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Hip-Hop News: Master P To Pay Granny
"No Limt Records" CEO in Court
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By Paul Russell
11/1/2002 10:50:10 AM

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A Judge ruled Monday that rapper Master P admits having assets worth at least $200 million, some of which may be awarded to a Pomona grandmother in a Dec. 3 trial for punitive damages.

Pomona Superior Court Judge R. Bruce Minto also ruled the 35-year-old singer must provide within 20 days documentation of important financial transactions he has made since January 1998.

Geneva Burger, 79, sued Master P in 1999. A jury found him not liable April 12 for her voice being put on a rap song about marijuana without telling her.

But Minto later ruled Master P is liable for punitive damages that may be levied against his record company.

"We're very happy with today's ruling,' Burger's lawyer, James Ryan, said later outside the courtroom.

The 37-point order Minto signed applies to all of Master P's financial holdings as well as checks he has written during the last four years.

Monday's ruling was the latest blow to Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller.

Master P actually denied being worth $200 million in court papers prepared by his lawyer, Donald K. Wilson Jr.

"Our position is that his assets are nowhere near $200 million,' Wilson said.

Master P was touring in New York City and Germany when Wilson was trying to reach him to sign the legal documents, his lawyer said.

However, Minto ruled the rapper did not fill out the documents properly and, in effect, conceded the plaintiff's estimate of his assets is correct.

Wilson said Master P may previously have had that much money, but now has much less because he sold a profitable record company.

Fortune magazine once listed Master P as one of the 40 wealthiest entertainers in the country.

Master P's record corporation, Boutit Inc., defaulted before trial. Minto later ruled that the singer and the company in a legal sense are one and the same.

Minto ordered Master P to pay any punitive damages judgment rendered against the company in the upcoming nonjury trial.

Boutit Inc. did business by the name No Limit Records Inc. Its default was caused by its suspension as a corporation before trial by the secretary of state.

The lawsuit stemmed from a telephone conversation Burger had with musician Johnny Lupo in late 1997. Lupo was a friend of Burger's grandsons.

"When people get hooked on pot, can they get sick if they don't get it?' Burger asked Lupo.

Burger did not know Lupo secretly taped what they were saying. The tape went to various people and, without her permission, the remark about marijuana became the introduction to "No Limit,' the 13th song on artist Magic's 1998 release "Skys the Limit,' according to court records.

Master P was the record's executive producer. Also singing a verse on the song is Snoop Dogg.

Burger previously settled out of court for $75,000 with Dogg. She also was given $300,000 before trial by Priority Records, the record's distributor.

Burger was not in court Monday.

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