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Hip-Hop News: Talib Kweli Interview
Talib kweli talks New album
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Talib Kweli
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By Paul Russell
10/28/2002 3:00:52 PM

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While he doesn’t drop an album every year, Talib Kweli is promised to generate waves when he dives in the waters of hip-hop. Whereas other emcees constantly bang out hot, new sewage, hardly creating a ripple, Talib always drops a gem worth more than all the ice in the rap world. I heard the first single, and it’s a departure from what you have done in the past it’s a little more party oriented, was that a conscience decision?

Talib Kweli: Well I have done records like that in the past, they may have not been singles like “Move Something.” I was spittin.’ I’m curious to know what about it do you think is a departure.

AHH: It’s probably the combination of the video and the track; the video itself seems more party-oriented, more bouncy, more fun, that’s how I see it.

TK: Well of course the video got to match the track, it’s definitely the most party oriented song that I have done with the exception of “Touch you” which was a party oriented song but still was a lil’ darker ‘cause it was Hi-Tech on the beat. As far as the song it’s a lil’ slicker and a lil’ more polished but it’s the same sh*t I always come with.

AHH: What made you decide to work with some artist like Kanye West who is real hot right now?

TK: F**kin' dope, ain't better than that. His beats is hot, I work with whoever is hot.

AHH: On this album are you doing the same thing, are you getting the shine away from the over consciousness?

TK: I honestly felt I never really had an extra focus on consciousness, I feel like I represent the balance and I always have. I speak about social issues, I speak about my children, I speak about love, I speak about stuff that everybody dealin’ with, it’s rare I do a song where I’m just like this is wrong or this is f**ked up. People hear my music and can tell the vibe and what kind of person I am. That don’t work to tell people your wrong ‘cause you wear this kind clothing or you wrong ‘cause you rap about this. I always tried to stay away from that and times when I thought I was coming close to that I just backed off. I feel it’s more relevant when you’re dealing with what people are actually dealing with in their lives. Whether it’s “Ghetto Afterlife”, “memories lived” or sh*t from the new album I feel like I’ve always done that. The problem is that the music itself, not even between the artist and fans but more with the media and industry. It’s so out of balanced with what’s being represented that if somebody does something once it seems like they did it ten times ‘cause it’s no balance.

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