Hip-Hop News: Kurupt and Ja Rule - Half Past Dead
Ja Rule and Kurupt speak on working together
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By Paul Russell
10/27/2002 10:52:55 AM

 Ja Rule and Kurupt are set to appear in the film 'Half Past Dead' alongside actors Steven Seagal and Morris Chestnut. The film is slotted for a November 15th release in the States.

The film is set in 2002 and The California Penal Authority has reopened the most notorious prison in history – Alcatraz. Disgruntled Prison Bureaucrat-turned-criminal mastermind Donny (Chestnut) has assembled a commando team to infiltrate the newly refurbished, high tech fortress in order to force a death row inmate to reveal the whereabouts of $200 million worth of gold.

Inmate Nick Frazier (Ja Rule) must help Undercover FBI agent Sascha Petrosevitch (Seagal) rally the other inmates to stop the invaders – before they murder the Supreme Court Justice who is present for the impending execution. Kurupt co-stars in this action thriller.

Ja Rule enjoyed working on the film alongside Steven Seagal, "Yeah, Steven’s a cool dude. I like Steven. He’s nothing like I expected. He’s down to earth." Seagal returned the compliment when quizzed on Ja Rule, "If the rapper is a good actor then there is no real difference between working with a rap artist or with a trained actor – and Ja is a good actor!"

As for Kurupt, he knew the role was made for him after reading the script! "When I read the role I was like, this is definitely me. It’s like I felt the blood rushing through my veins. Any character I read for has to have characteristics that I can bring out of it. Twitch (his character) is funny, but he has a serious side. He is a trouble-maker, but he’s not for play. And that’s what I like about the Twitch character, his actions."

It was interesting for Kurupt and Ja working side by side after Kurupts very public beef back in 2001. "Ja was excellent." Kurupt said. "This was the first time I really got to sit down and talk to the brother. And it was a great thing. We spent a lot of time talking with one another. It was a great experience. And, Ja turned out to be a real cool person."

The film opens on November 15th across the United States.

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