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Hip-Hop News: MTV Interview Bigg Snoop Dogg
Fa shizzle ma nizzle with MTV
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Snoop Dogg
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By Paul Russell
10/25/2002 4:58:17 AM

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When you ball as much as Snoop Dogg, you need your own patented call to express enthusiasm when you're running your game.

With "sis boom bah" being as played out as polka dot shirts, the Doggfather has come up with another wholehearted yell on his new album, Paid the Cost to Be the Boss: "Pimp, pimp hooray!"

"Like a rose dippin' down the street/ Look so sweet/ Bumpin' to the beat," the Dramatics harmonize with Snoop on the melodic "Ballin'," which introduces his new phrase. Read more

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