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Hip-Hop News: C-Bo talks about 2PAC
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By MadeNiggaz
7/12/2002 12:00:00 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include C-Bo and 2Pac.

In the latest issue of Murder Dog Magazine (the one with Nelly on the cover), C-Bo talks about working with Pac. Below is the transcription:

Murder Dog: How did the collaborations with 2pac come out?

C-Bo: Pac had been listenin to my stuff. He was up in the Bay for a while, he knew e-40 and you know, that's my cousin. He had called my manager and they said he wanted me to come through and get on there. So when I pulled up, he got up the car and gave me so much love like he was my brother. He said he'd been listening to every one of my albums since Gas chamber.

MD: What did that mean to you coming from 2pac?

C-Bo: It gave me a little validation for the things that I thought I was, coming from him at the time. And this was really before he took off. He was allreaddy out there, but this was before All Eyez on me came out. He could relate to my shit. Like I said if your a street person or any person from the ghetoo wether your a crip or Blood or whateevr you can definatley relate to my music. Pac understood where I was coming from and he really appreciated it. He showed me love and actually we did more songs then the two on All eyez on Me. Suge needs to come over and give me them songs! We did about four total. I haven't heard the other two.

C-Bo's New project West Coast Mafia presents will be out July 23 and it features the Outlawz, Yukmouth,E-40, Cj-MAC, Killa Tay,Short Chop, Roger troutman & more. It will be realesed on C-Bo's own West Coast Mafia records.

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