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Hip-Hop News: Faith Evans wants out of Bad Boy
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Posted by Dave
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7/3/2002 12:00:00 AM

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It was reported last week that P. Diddy got to keep all the artists on his roster after he split with Arista Records last week. But all of his artists are not as happy about this as he is.

Londell McMillan who represents Faith Evans and Biggie is promising to go to court to free them from her legal ties to P. Diddy and Bad Boy.

McMillan said, quote: "My clients are not pleased. My clients are not simply tangible property that can be transferred at the whim of P. Diddy or Arista. There will be contractual disputes … appropriate legal action will be taken."

And Puffy's former group 112 broke their silence last week on why they decided to leave the Bad Boy Family. 112 said that when their contract with Bad Boy ran out, they were approached by several other labels who offered a lot more money than they were getting from Bad Boy. The members of 112 also say that Bad Boy didn't communicate with them for a few months. That helped them decide to take the Def Jam deal. But taking this deal means that 112 probably won't be able to record under their current name because Bad Boy owns the name 112.

So they will either have to buy the name back or come up with something new.

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