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Hip-Hop News: New 2Pac Album Details (Amaru Entetainment Interview)
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By MadeNiggaz
1/8/2002 12:00:00 AM

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There are not a lot of specifics available regarding 2PAC's new album, but there is an interview with the staff from Amaru entertainment taken by The title is still a mystery, as well as the choice for the first single.

They did provide a few of the titles for some of the tracks which include: Better Dayz, Mama's Just A Little Girl, Don't Stop The Music, Changed Man, Fair Exchange, Never Call You Bitch Again, Thug Mansion, What's Next, and When We Ride On Our Enemies.

Supposedly, the tracks are pretty much as Tupac recorded them, with simple "touch ups" and "revamping" by the original producers instead of official remixing.

Amaru did not disclose any further details regarding collaborations or guest appearances. Ron Isley was the only one confirmed.

the interview and article is as follows:

(January 05 2002) With anticipation building sky high regarding the release of 2pac's next LP, Staff Member Krush411 decided to have a sit down with the good people at Amaru to get the real low down concerning the next album. Discussed is the producers, special guests, track listings, production, the current situation with Daz' Ep, 'Don't Got 2 Sleep' & alot alot more, Style!

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Is it true Afeni threw a lawsuit against Daz about that illegal album (The "Don't Go 2 Sleep" EP) he tried to put out?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: No..its not a lawsuit...we just exercised our power as the sole beneficiary of Tupac's right to publicity and name and likeness rights. He realized that he needs to work with us not against us. He will not make any money without us - so we are working with him & we will all be happy!

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: So are they negotiating to release the album nationwide?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: No...we want to put those tracks on our LP.

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Is there any title going around for the LP yet?


WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Well, is it still scheduled for a February/March release? How complete is the production so far for the new LP?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: Pretty far along. We still need to tie up some loose ends-like what the single will be, etc...

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: And can you name some of the producers for us?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: The usual-Johnny Jackson,Track Masters, etc..

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: At this time can you tell us the name of some of the tracks included on the next LP?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: Better Dayz, Mama's Just A Lil Girl, Don't Stop the Music, Changed Man, Fair Exchange, Never Call U Bitch Again, Thug Mansion, What's Next, When We Ride On Our Enemies.

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Many fans last year complained about the production of 'Until The End Of Time' and felt it suffered from too many simple beats and too much of a pop sound - has Interscope taken a note to this and seem to put a more emphasis on better production this time around?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: The songs are pretty much the way Tupac did them...there was not too much about them that were changed- Nobody likes to go up in there and change his music on him too much

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: So its a different approach this time around with production?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: No - the original producers were allowed to go into the studio and "revamp" or "add to" what they did originally. This is not remixing.

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: What special guests can we expect to see on the album?

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: The same ones you know about already.

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Well, we know about Mr.Biggz, Ron Isley & thats about it-

AMARU ENTERTAINMENT: We are not ready to diclose any more guest appearances.

WILDNTHAWEST.COM: Is this the last album of 2pac-Death Row material though?


the DoN

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