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Hip-Hop News: Profound Intent Releases "Stop Signs Don't Exist"
The rap group accused of dissing Beyonce and 50 Cent cleans up their act with consistency. The Debut EP "Stop Signs Don't Exist" releases July 29, 2008.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/2/2008 9:50:24 AM

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Washington, D.C. native teen music group, Profound Intent returns flawlessly after a year and a half in a forced hiatus. After the much hyped departure of one of the group's four original members in 2006, the three who remain now make it clear that "Stop Signs Don't Exist" with the forthcoming Debut EP. ASCAP Members: Larry "LaPret" Pretlow II, 18, Kie'Arra "Mizz Redz" Pretlow, 18, and Devan "Aze" Brockenberry, 16, now form the group known widely as, Profound Intent.

Slated for a July 29, 2008 digital-format only release (worldwide), the "Stop Signs Don't Exist" EP touches on the groups' ongoing struggle to prevail as a positive hip-hop group. In 2006 many believed the group dissed industry titans 50 Cent and Beyonce Knowles, via a performance of their single called "Time 2 Shine", which as a result was never released. A leaked single "Street Talk" -- from the EP -- says, "Thought we dissed fifty and 'B' so you just dissed us," an effort to clean up the alleged diss. "Beyonce is such an innovative performer, people confused what we actually said, but our focus is now on something greater," says LaPret in a March 2008 interview.

"Swerve" produced by Flawless Tracks is the official lead single -- May 2008 -- from the new EP. "We don't want anyone to think we're slamming anyone on this record," said Mizz Redz jokingly, when asked was the single a slam at the group's ex-member Jahnae "Misty" Johnson, who is now a fashion model.

Apparently, there's still some tension lingering, when the group quickly denied a possible reunion - with Misty - as they wish to remain a trio. The ex-member isn't always too far from her former friends, "We've seen her several times over the past year...but we didn't speak, our staffs make it nearly impossible. - says Aze. Johnson says she left the group - in 2006 - amid claims that founder LaPret was favoring his niece Mizz Redz; however Aze disagrees with those claims. The trio continues to maintain their brother-and-sister type bond which they proclaim to be unbreakable.

Their new EP recorded in 2008 at G.O.V. Studios in both Greenbelt, Maryland and New York, features production from an emerging production staff comprised of Shah Bros Productions, The Puzzle Productions, Flawless Tracks, Mart85, JeanYus Studios and SOriginal. "A lot of people expect to hear bigger names, but for us this was big...everyone doesn't like us" - says Mizz Redz.

LaPret, who served as Chief Songwriter and Co-Executive Producer, stated, "I did a majority of the writing as usual, however Aze wrote 'This Crazy Love' and we all thought it was such a wonderful song, he also takes the lead on that record...We were extremely ecstatic to be back in the studio together, as well."

The (slated) tracks include:
1.    Stop Signs Don't Exist
2.    U So Bad
3.    Swerve
4.    This Crazy Love
5.    Get Yo Mind Right
6.    Street Talk

The group first and last appeared as a trio, in the March 2007 issue of On Tap Magazine, the controversial "Profound Intentions" article by Scott Harris, highlighted their first single; "Play the Field," released December 13, 2006. In spring 2007 ASCAP Playback Magazine confirmed the group signed with a new label, South Capitol Recordings. Meanwhile Rapper & ASCAP Songwriter LaPret launched and maintained a successful solo career under the label, with his 2007 EP "Do a Dub" and the 2008 single "Make U See" now available on iTunes.

The Official Website of Profound Intent, includes a Bio, Photos, Releases and Videos, Tour Calendar, MySpace links and a Contact section. The site officially re-launched April 2008. Get to know this emerging group and support their forthcoming releases, "Trust me, it's worth the time and dedication," as stated by Mizz Redz on the single "Street Talk".

Find out more about Profound Intent. Other items you may find on Profound Intent include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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