Hip-Hop News: Music Portal For Artists Claims To Have Artists Interests In Mind
President of the music portal claims to be a working artist himself and wants to make the artist in control of their own work.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/31/2008 8:14:57 AM

Kevin Petersen, President of the all-inclusive music portal www.noisyplanet.net and himself a working music artist, pulls no punches in his views on the track record of major music labels. As the once all-powerful labels drop artists and lay-off employees left and right, Petersen proudly offers what he says is "a better way for working musicians to take practical steps to get to the next level."

"The traditional label model has established a long history of distrust in the industry, and we're here to break that mold and build something better," he says, speaking of Noisy Planet's new Artist Control Room. "We don't guarantee stardom, but we do guarantee that if you want to take a few steps forward, we can help you manage the business of your music and hopefully inspire you to create more art in the process."

To that end, Noisy Planet-the one-stop-shop for musicians and bands of all genres and professional levels-is proud to unveil Noisy Planet's Artist Control Room.

Member musicians and bands will have affordable access to a host of music industry services that were once only available to major label music acts.

Artist Control Room services include:
* Biography writing - Press releases, biographies and reviews by a pro journalist
* Short-run CD Duplication - CD design, printing and duplication with no minimum order
* Song Critique - Professional 5-point critique by music industry insiders
* Music Licensing - Showcase your songs for use in film, TV and advertising
* Music Clearing - Secure the right to perform and sell your cover songs
* Standard Printing - Flyers, press kits, business cards, t-shirts and more at great rates
* Booking Agency - Pick venues you want to play and we help you land the gig

These affordable Noisy Planet services are offered in addition to its existing service of MP3 hosting with paid downloads, MP3 file conversion and quarterly artist royalties.

"Whatever your music goal, Noisy Planet is on your side," Petersen says. "We help those working Americans with rock star dreams by bringing the industry to you. The Internet has made new tools available to artists, and they don't have to go it alone anymore."

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