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Hip-Hop News: Big Geminii Preps Debut Release For April
The debut single from the new album "History In The Making" features rapper Flo Rida.
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Posted by Dave
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3/28/2008 12:24:41 PM

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Big Gun/Upstairs Records' artist, Big Geminii, will release a brand new studio album on April 08, 2008. The new album, titled, "History in the Making," features the hit single, "Hypnotized," featuring Flo Rida which recently crossed the 10 million in audience mark.

A Mexican-American Texas native, Big Geminii is a double threat to the music industry as he combines the skills of a top lyricist with singing. . "For the longest I tried to hide it," Big Geminii says of his moonlighting as a singer while letting his rapping abilities stand in the spotlight. "I have always been writing raps and singing songs but I wasn't ready to put it out there and release my whole arsenal." So when he was told that he had to choose between the talents, Big Geminii never revealed that he could sing as well as he could rap. "I used to sing on some of the background tracks for my songs but I would tell people it was my partner for Austin, Texas," Big Geminii laughs. But with this new album, Big Geminii is stepping out. "I write, rap, sing and do it all." And he's not afraid to show it.

Hooking up with his longtime producer Ace-1, Big Geminii recorded the single "Hypnotize," a melodic, rhythmic, mid-tempo, hip-hop and R&B groove. A party banger, "Hypnotize" is all about being mesmerized by that night club knock-out under that spinning globe. Meanwhile, "Time to Stack a Million" is the official bravado boosting track. With its slight drudge pacing, the percussion banging track is perfect for the SUV booming system or the surround sound club system. "That's what I'm on right now," Big Geminii asserts. "I went through so much previously and now I'm here. This is what it is and that song is just on some hustle, go get it, mentality."

And to further show his duality, Big Geminii has the song "The Light" on this album, which he recorded a few years back. One of his favorite songs, Big Geminii says it was inspired by a life changing experience he had of feeling the Holy Ghost at 17 or 18 years old. "I did this song before Kanye West did 'Jesus Walks' when people were still saying that you couldn't talk about religion or spirituality." As a previously released track, Big Geminii received tons of fan mail thanking him for helping others through tough times. With that in mind, Big Geminii is putting "The Light" on "History in the Making" so that more people will hear the meaningful song. In conjunction with the Texas-based independent record label powerhouse, Upstairs Records, Big Geminii is set to release "History in the Making." "This record is really all about strong family values and everyday life in the streets, the struggle of pain and the love of joy," Big Geminii explains the dichotomy throughout the album. "My music is universal," the rapper and singer proclaims, "I'm just trying to touch the masses." And there's no better way to do it than with "History in the Making."

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