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Hip-Hop News: Online Mag Interviews Young Buck Over Unpaid Royalty Rumors
In the audio recorded interview, Young Buck, states that the rumors of being unpaid are false.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/27/2008 12:25:36 PM

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On March 17, 2008, Yo! Raps Magazine published an interview with Young Buck that was written by Quinton Hatfield. In this interview, Quinton reported that Young Buck has never received a royalty check from G-Unit, to date. Apparently, this was news to many and this interview was republished on many other Hip-Hop news sites, including MTV, and Yo! Raps was credited accordingly as the source of this shocking information.
Just last week, Young Buck's manager, Sha Money XL, released a statement addressing this issue saying, "There has been a new rumor going on that 50 Cent has not paid Young Buck any royalties. I as Bucks manager and as former President of G-Unit Records wants to make clear - that rumor is false, Young Buck has cleared over 10 Million from working under 50's and my guidance." He went on to say, "I don't know if a writer waited 2 months from the interview to stir some new drama up or took his words wrong but Buck is waving the G Unit flag strong." Sha Money XL also spoke out about Young Buck's position as an artist with G-Unit, "I also add that any talks of Buck signing to any other labels are false. People are playing on the divide and conquer card and that's not gonna work!" However, although Sha Money is attempting to discredit Yo! Raps and interviewer/writer Quinton Hatfield about their reporting of Young Buck of saying he never received royalties from G-Unit since being signed to the Rapper 50 Cent's company, Yo! Raps is out to prove that they are credible in their reporting of this information.
Now, Quinton responds to Sha Money's statement by saying, "The interview was published within two weeks after I interviewed Young Buck, which is standard. As a journalist, I was just trying to find out what was going on with Young Buck's career. Then, I asked him how he felt about his last album Straight Outta Cashville in comparison to his latest effort, Buck The World, and he brought up show money. So naturally, I asked him - is the show money that good? And that is when he said it was and that he hasn't ever received a royalty check from G-Unit. That was something he felt he needed to get off his chest as an artist. As a journalist, it's often that we get criticized for the work we do and what is published. I can't speak for other journalist but in this instance though, what I reported is not a rumor. That is something he wanted to get off his chest. I can see if I was instigating the situation by asking a question like - I heard you didn't get any royalties from 50, is that true? But I didn't mention anything of the sort. Young Buck took the interview in that direction and I have the audio file to prove what Young Buck said." Quinton affirms that his reporting is accurate despite what Sha Money XL says.
Furthermore, Yo! Raps Magazine Founder, Kai Denninger, says "When we work with writers, whether they are bloggers or journalists or any of our staff for that matter, we choose them carefully. Yo! Raps Magazine reports industry news but our integrity is based on our accuracy and that is something we pride ourselves on. That is predominantly why our readers are loyal and our readership is constantly growing. We wouldn't jeopardize that for the sake of some entertaining rumor." Yo! Raps Magazine is a premier online site for breaking industry news, music and film reviews, industry events and other happenings in entertainment.

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