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Former NFL Player Adam "Pacman" Jones Launches Label
Banned NFL Cornerback of the Tennessee Titans, Adam "Pacman" Jones makes it rain on the mic while he tackles the music industry to launch his new Record Label, "National Street League Records".
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Posted by Dave
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8/15/2007 9:44:12 AM

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From the NFL football field, to the affiliation with TNA Wrestling Entertainment, Pacman Jones announces his next step as he moves into a new arena full of hip-hop lyrics, beats and production to release his untapped musical talents.   In spite of the distractions Pacman Jones makes his path to become a recording artist and CEO of National Street League Records.  The first rap duo release will consist of producer Spoaty and Mr. Pacman Jones himself together known as the "Posterboyz."
In an interview today the question was asked what is next on your agenda as a team player and Pacman replied, " The music business.  I am also an entrepreneur; it takes a team player to make plays happen so I am bonding with my staff and recording artist to make this company a success.   I went within myself to find a place to release my talents while I filter through my career from all of the things that have taken place around me.    I find tranquility in writing lyrics, establishing my company and preparing for my promo tour in mid September.  Looking from the outside in, I have been the example for many to see the poster child if you will; and from that sentiment the "Posterboyz" group name was born".
The promo tour will stop in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama to host community events and forums at various high schools and universities."   The first single is scheduled to hit the streets August 27th titled "Let it Shine" the song relates to glimmering stones, big money and flashy cars.   The "Posterboyz" debut album is scheduled to release in 2008.  To back up the "Posterboyz" the National Street League Records family roster will also include an R&B act to bring melodic tunes to N.S.L fans.   
With his thirst for the success in the music business he is pacing his camp to move into the spotlight with hits and billboards.   Mr. MVP on the music charts, will that be his new AKA during the upcoming off-season?  As the saying go's, "Don't touch that dial." CEO Packman Jones and National Street League Records coming to a city near you.

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