Hip-Hop News: Chris Tucker Speaks Candidly With Playboy
Popular gentlemens magazine will be featuring an interview with Rush Hour star, Chris Tucker, in their August edition hitting store shelves July 6th.
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Posted by Dave
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7/5/2007 11:20:59 AM

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“I think we should be able to hear what people think, about black people and white people. It’s good to know. I don’t think we should censor. If that’s how Don Imus feels about blacks, we need to know; then we can decide to listen to him or not. People who feel the same way he does should have the freedom to listen to him. We’ve got to be careful about judging one another. You could be onstage and say something you don’t normally say. Something can come out wrong,” proclaims Chris Tucker in the August Playboy Interview (on newsstands and at www.playboydigital.com Friday, July 6).

Chris Tucker may have been absent from the screen over the past six years, but now he is back in action with Rush Hour 3 opening on August 10.  The actor most famous for his roles alongside Jackie Chan, chats about getting recognized over Bono in Africa, hanging out with the King of Jordan, and Barack Obama as the first black president.  Following are selected quotes from Tucker’s conversation. 

On adopting an African child like many other celebrities: “I feel I can do better by going there, touching the kids, telling them there is a big world out there, giving them hope and telling them to keep dreaming—that whatever they want in life can happen. I know I can’t adopt every kid in Africa. If I adopted one, I would have to put all my energy into that one kid. For me, it’s better to go to African schools and talk to the kids and touch their hands and give them my autograph. I can make them laugh and tell them it’s possible to get whatever they want in life.”

On people recognizing him in Africa: “I was with Bono in Ethiopia. Surprisingly, they were more familiar with me. He’s way more visible than I am around the world, but in Africa they were like, 'Chris! Chris Tucker!' It was something to know that in some places more people recognized me than the biggest rock star in the world. "

On Barack Obama as the first black president: "I don’t know. I think the country has become more open-minded, and people want a leader who can make them feel comfortable. They don’t care what color, I hope."

On what he talks about with Bill Clinton: “He’s got more charisma than I’ve ever seen in anybody. He knows everybody. He’s like James Bond. I started imitating him on a trip to Africa. He liked it so much, he made me do it in every country we went to. He was like [imitating Clinton], ‘Tucker! Tucker! Come over here, Tucker! Do that impression for President Olusegun Obasanjo!’ So here is the president of Nigeria and his delegation—the heads of his army, everybody—watching me. [as Clinton] ‘I’m absolutely honored to be here in your country. I wish Hillary could be here. We love your country.’ The president of Nigeria is looking at me, and then he smiles. [imitating Obasanjo] ‘That’s very funny! Very funny! What a funny guy!’ Then they leave me there and go in the next room for a private meeting.”

On hanging out in Jordan with King Abdullah: "I had to figure. Do I say 'King'? 'Your Majesty'? I found out you do call him Your Majesty, but for me it became 'Yo, Majesty.'"

On dinner conversations with Middle Eastern kings and princes: “They deal with that stuff 24/7. With me, it’s a good time for them to escape that. I ask them, ‘What’s it like owning your own country? What’s it like having your own army?’ They ask, ‘How is it working with Jackie Chan?’”

On his primary movies being all Rush Hour films: “I hadn’t planned to be away this long, but nothing came by that sparked my interest. I know people wonder. They say, 'What is he doing? Why is he just doing Rush Hours?' It wasn’t on purpose. B

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