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Hip-Hop News: Female Graffiti Transforms Adidas Shoe
The collection inspired by Siloette is called "End to End" and is based on the Stan Smith collection.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/26/2007 10:32:55 AM

Siloette has transformed this tennis classic of the Stan Smith to create a feminine and tasteful model. Mint green satin sockliner and tongue details contrast well with the bold black and white base colours. Inspecting the outsoles, reveals typical and stunning, full colour Siloette artwork in contrast to the clean styling of the upper. Fluid lines on the upper present Siloette's distinctive style. Black tips offset with the green laces and the special tag lace jewel finish the shoe in characteristic style.
The End to End Project: A Unique Collaboration Over a period of three days, the artists worked around the clock in a custom-built creative environment to produce the artwork for this distinctive collection.  In gathering the artists together under one roof, adidas and Foot Locker created a new process in developing graffiti-based designs.
For their world-class workshop, adidas and Foot Locker gutted a large warehouse in East London's hip Spitalfields area, then remodeled the space to produce the ideal creative environment.  Enormous white canvases and a full range of "tools of the trade" - spray paint cans, nozzles, markers, paint brushes and anything the artists could possibly need - was provided so they could focus on their craft.  The remarkable results offer designs that embody the creativity, the collaborative spirit, and the artistic beauty envisioned by the End to End project.
"The bold styles on these classic silhouettes will resonate with our customers, who are always looking for new and innovative product designs," said Jeanine Zocks, Vice President of Marketing, Foot Locker US.  "We are excited to offer the adidas End to End collection to our customers worldwide
Masters of the Trade
Each piece of signature footwear showcases the artists' unique, individual talents and tastes.  The graffiti masters include:
Siloette - Based in the U.S., Siloette's illustrative style of character and letter painting has made her one to watch, with an incredible use of color and unique flowing style.
Skore - For more than 20 years, Skore has been a staple part of the subculture in the U.K., participating in every aspect of the art form.  His development of lettering styles combined with technical skill and original flair has kept him a primary influence for many graffiti writers worldwide.
Can2 and Atom - Can2 and Atom juxtapose traditional letterforms and characters with searing colorways and incredible attention to detail.  Together, they have influenced a whole generation of modern-day graffiti artists.
Rime - Known for pushing the limitations of lettering, Rime's pieces are a combination of vivid colors, cartoon-style outlines and bold tags.  He is one of the most respected writers in the U.S., and has influenced many others both within and outside of the graffiti world.
Scien - Working alongside his wife Klor, Scien developed the infamous 123 Klan collective in 1992.  Well known for crisp outlines and clean detailing, his repertoire now extends beyond graffiti: the 123 Klan is established as one of the finest design and illustration agencies in Europe.
Smart - Combining traditional New York lettering with creative hand styles, Italian-based Smart has quickly become a name to be reckoned with.  All of his work has a raw and funky twist to it, utilizing great colorways and inspired detailing.

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