Hip-Hop Hopefuls Asked To Upload Videos
The first video contest for unsigned bands and artists is featured at Famecast.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/12/2007 11:13:02 AM

If you missed the R&B or Hip Hop stage, Famecast, the first online video contest for unsigned bands has unleashed 6 new stages for their 2nd contest.
Head over to Famecast.com to register and upload your videos for the 2nd contest now!  There you can also check out what the other stages are.
Famecast is totally free for everyone to sign up, so register your band and compete for the grand prize of 10,000 dollars.  Music fans head over and register as a fanatic; after all, YOU decide who advances through each round! Head to www.Famecast.com for all Official event news, your tickets to the live finalist show in Austin, and to catch all your favorite unsigned artists! 
Don’t miss the end of season one April 9th through the 14th when you can vote for the winners of the 6 first season stages! Just head to Famecast.com and if you haven’t already, register as a fan to begin voting!

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