Hip-Hop News: Rapper "A Plus" Announces Hip-Hop Album
The artist is also known for his role as the founding member of the rap group, Souls of Mischief.
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Posted by Dave
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4/4/2007 12:59:04 PM

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Seminal hip-hop artist A Plus has announced he will release his first solo album, My Last Good Deed, early this summer.  Born Adam Carter, A Plus, also known as "Plee," is a founding member of Souls of Mischief and The Hieroglyphics, two groups that stand as titans in the history of independent hip hop music.  This industry veteran has finally put together a record that showcases his personal voice and thought, all the while giving a head nod to his brethren at Hiero and Souls.  Plenty of guests from both groups make their presence known, but let there be no confusion: this is Plee's record. "I've never said anything this personal on a previous album before." Says A-Plus, "Ever."

As a member of gold-selling Souls of Mischief, A Plus has produced music deemed "Hip-Hop Classics."  The Source Magazine listed both the single "93 'til Infinity" (which he produced) and the album of the same name as one of the Top 100 Rap Songs Of ALL TIME and Top 100 Rap Albums Of ALL TIME.  Perhaps more impressively, A-Plus helped build the Hiero Imperium label into the de facto template for successful independent hip-hop labels. They own their own office building, tour constantly, and have sold well over one million albums. Thus, for all those interested in the state of hip-hop, My Last Good Deed, coming from such a veteran, is a goldmine.

Past successes notwithstanding, A Plus enjoyed the creative freedom of his first solo venture. "When writing songs in a group," he explains "you have to keep everyone's messages in a cohesive manner and that doesn't always allow for individuality to shine through." On My Last Good Deed, A Plus explores personal topics such as his Jamaican heritage, strained relationships, the brutal murder of a close friend, and his 25-year journey in music.  Although some of the topics sound ominous, the album embraces a positive and mature outlook.  "50 years ago we saying ‘thanks for chitlins'" A-Plus raps after venting his frustrations about the industry, "now this hip-hop music got us bankin' millions… it's a beautiful thing." Compound7, comprised of Plee and AAGEE, handle most of the production on the album, but Jake One, Q Tones, and J-Zone also contribute their producing skills. Guest artists include Hiero members Del, Casual, Pep Love, Souls, and Living Legends member Sunspot Jonz, as well as others.

Catch A Plus on The Good Deeds Tour now with Souls of Mischief, Masta Ace, Wordsworth, DJ Flo Fader, Bukue One, iCON the Mic King, and Zeph & Azeem.

"My homies that I roll with, Heiro, Souls, and them/Thinkin' out of the box like the 5-0's closin' in/It's almost a crime how I rhyme/I'd probably go platinum if I was lyin' all the time." From the title track "My Last Good Deed"

The tour dates are:

Friday April 13 Nashville, TN @ The Rutledge
Saturday April 14 Atlanta, GA @ A3C Festival held at The Loft
Sunday April 15 Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway
Monday April 16 off
Tuesday April 17 off
Wednesday April 18 Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw
Thursday April 19 Ottawa, ON @ Heaven
Friday April 20 Killington, VT @ Tabu / The Outback
Saturday April 21 Hamilton, ON @ Pepper Jack Café
Sunday April 22 Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig
Monday April 23 Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub
Tuesday April 24 Milwaukee, WI @ The Stonefly
Wednesday April 25 off
Thursday April 26 Asheville, NC @ The Emerald Lounge
Friday April 27 Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox
Saturday April 28 Chapel Hill, NC @ Signal Fest held at Cat's Cradle 
Sunday April 29 Greenville, SC @ The Handlebar
Monday April 30 New Orleans, LA @ The Howlin Wolf
Tuesday May 1 Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial
Wednesday May 2 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Roxanne's
Thursday May 3 Orlando, FL @ The Firestone
Friday May 4 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
Saturday May 5 Sarasota, FL @ Tyler's Tavern

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