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Hip-Hop News: "American Dream" Film Chronicles Southern Hip-Hop
Rapper Mike Jones featured in the film produced by Nexus Films with Warner Bros. Records and Asylum Records.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/15/2007 10:23:40 AM

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Just below the Mason-Dixon Line, a culture, style, and form of music had been bubbling over for decades, battling to make its way to the forefront. Breaking through the boundaries of finance, distribution, and geographic constraints, this movement became a powerful force, breathing new life into a musical phenomenon, which was thought to have reached its peak. This culture, known as Southern Hip Hop, and its trials, tests, and triumphs are now chronicled in the new film "American Dream," which focuses on the life of one of Southern rap's greatest sons, Mike Jones. The film will be released on May 8, 2007 as a compilation featuring Mike Jones' CD of the same name.  
The film "American Dream," which is seen through the eyes of a young Mike Jones, highlights the climate of the late 1990's, when hip hop was finding a new voice during the aftermath of battles between East Coast and West Coast rap. At that time, Southern rap (or Dirty South Hip Hop) was on the verge of a breakthrough, after years of largely being ignored by major record labels and outlets. The movie, which details this struggle toward success against insurmountable odds, is not only the story of Mike Jones but is also an ode to southern rap and hip hop on a whole.
The film is Executive Produced by Mike Jones, Warner Brothers Records, Asylum Records and Ice Age Entertainment. Mike Jones brought together the combined production company talents of Tri Destined Films and Nexus Films to help bring his vision of this historic story to life.
Pushing for reality and authenticity, the production team created a unique mix of talents in the casting of this film. Taking a cue from Oscar Winning Director Steven Soderbergh's film "Bubble," "American Dream" showcases a wealth of local southern talent, some laypersons, some even playing themselves, giving the film a distinct accuracy. At the same time, the producers blended in Hollywood notables Clifton Powell ("Ray," "The Gospel"), Tamala Jones ("Daddy Day Care 2," "The Brothers," "Two Can Play that Game"), Hassan Johnson (HBO's "The Wire"), Datari Turner (MTV's "All You've Got," Creator - BET's "The Ultimate Hustler"), and a host of hip hop talents.
Producing the film are Gregory Anderson, Greg Carter, Keith Paschall, and Veronica Nichols. Gregory Anderson (indie hits "Trois," "Pandora's Box," and "Motives"), whose screenplay is the basis for the #1 hit movie "Stomp the Yard" starring Chris Brown and NeYo, recently acquired the true story of the love affair between NFL Legend Andre Rison and hip hop legend Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of TLC, which is coined the hip hop version of "A Star Is Born." It was announced on HBO's "Real Sports" that Gregory's company Tri Destined Studios / Tri Destined Films along with fellow owners ND Brown and Trey Haley and President of Tri Destined Television Ron De Shay (Producer, "American Idol") optioned the movie rights to the life story of world-renowned track coach Beverly Kearney.
Indie trailblazer Greg Carter and Nexus Films' upcoming project is the critically acclaimed film "Waters Rising," based on the story of Hurricane Katrina and the Desire Projects. Rap industry mainstay and film vet Keith Paschall is known for co-creating the hip hop staple " Rap City" and for producing music video hits for the likes of Britney Spears and Celine Dion. Tri Destined Studios Executive and Vice President Veronica Nichols ("Motives," "The Gospel") rounds out the producing team.  
The film is directed by Derrick "D Reck" Dixon, who is recognized for being on the front lines in helping southern hip hop thrive during the 90's indie music period. Derrick is noted for producing southern rap legend Fat Pat and for making the breakthrough underground movie and soundtrack "The Dirty Third." The film is Co-Directed by Trey Haley, President of Tri Destined Studios.

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