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Hip-Hop News: DMX Enters The Hip-Hop Fashion Industry
Rapper known as DMX aka Earl Simmons is developing DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/28/2007 12:52:42 PM

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Earl Simmons aka DMX forges ahead into the fashion industry with further developments of DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection. The bad boy rapper, historically known for his aggressive, hard-edge lyrics and rapping style, now transfers that energy into fashion. For years, DMX has been known to wear classic rugged tough clothing with a "no mess, no fuss" attitude.

Simmons has cleverly organized a team of highly-experienced dynamic designers, graphic artists and merchandisers to create, execute, and distribute the collections.

The team's design objective is to create high quality, durable and rugged contemporary high fashions with sewn-in and embellished innovative design details that accommodate various lifestyles, interests, and activities. The design approach is to create pieces that are easily identifiable as either from DMX Authentic or the Earl Simmons Signature Collection through the look and feel of the garment, undeniable high-quality fabrics, and craftsmanship that goes into making the product.

The "DMX Fashion Team" realized through meeting with and getting to know X that his vision denoted an untapped genius that captures a market niche, and a philosophy which focuses on quality "clothes made the way they used to be made." Simmons wants to create fashion that makes a statement, and serves a purpose; clothes that consumers will identify with as real clothing, non-pretentious, durable, and long-lasting. The collections have a wide array of price points with the understanding that people work hard for their money and value is very important. The pieces in the collections are timeless and they can be worn with future seasons of DMX Collections.

The DMX styling consists of fashionable rugged and durable merchandise that can be worn in the streets and in the clubs. Using the latest fashion innovation in terms of fabrics, graphics, and design embellishments in the fashion industry, DMX Style mixes it up a bit by combining knits and woven to create a hard-edge look and feel. The DMX Collections niche will speak to or cater to fans and consumers who participate in or have a passion for various sports such as: extreme sports or X games (bikes, skateboards, wrestling, etc.), motor sports (boats, bikes, quads, hot rods, autos), racing, and outdoor sporting games (paint-guns, hunting, etc.) Plans are underway for two other niche collections to debut fall 2008

Visit to purchase merchandise, view videos, and listen to DMX music. Purchases of merchandise can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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