Hip-Hop News: Twisted Black Debuts With 'Street Fame'
Rapper signed to TVT Records speaks about his debut album set to be in stores on March 6th, 2007.
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Posted by Dave
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2/23/2007 12:04:36 PM

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There are plenty of rappers who have entered the music business with legal problems looming over their heads. Today another lyricist is facing a similar fate. Twisted Black, born Tommy Burns in Detroit, Michigan, but raised for the bulk of his formative years in Fort Worth, Texas, will release his TVT debut, Street Fame on March 6, 2006.

Street Fame is full of heartfelt lyrics and showcases his uncanny ability to relay a story to the point that it practically jumps to life from your speakers and snatches you up. Unfortunately, just days before his TVT release, Twisted Black was sentenced to three concurrent 30-year federal prison terms.
This isn¹t the first problem Twisted Black has had with the law, or the streets. He¹s been shot in the face and lost half of his jaw in what he says was a calculated hit on his life. He¹s been in and out of the system since he was 13 years old for everything from changing the VIN numbers on stolen cars to assaulting a police officer. Twisted Black is not one to mince words. He¹s the kind of MC who opens himself all the way up and lets you peek inside his life. In his songs you¹ll hear the typical crime rhymes told with deft precision and lyrical dexterity, but you¹ll also hear from a man whose pain inside exceeds that of just about any other artists you could name. From being molested by his father as a child, to his father¹s subsequent death, and career in the streets, Black covers things that the average rapper would never touch upon. His stories teach serious lessons. 'I make no excuse for getting in trouble because you have to realize your mistakes.' He continues, 'and I made a bunch of mistakes coming up, but I¹m in prison right now for something that I am totally innocent of. You don¹t have to get out there and do it to rhyme about it. And for people listening to my music, I suggest not to.'
The second single of Street Fame, 'Throw It Up', featuring labelmates Chyna Whyte and Yo Gotti, is an anthemic introduction to an album full of tales that take you through the life of a troubled hustler. From his upbeat, DJ Toomp-produced first single 'I¹m a Fool With It,' to the dark, cautionary tale that is 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes,' the album delivers the street life raw and uncut, from the good to the bad. 'Coldest Summer' is a classic gangsta story tale. In the tradition of Kool G. Rap, Ice Cube and other lyricists who came before him, Twisted Black tells an intense first person account of a drug deal gone bad. It¹s like a film noir version of cocaine rap.
Street Fame is not your typical rap album. Twisted Black has been bringing genuine reality raps to his underground fan base for over ten years, now he¹s poised to take it to the world, even from behind bars.

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