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Hip-Hop News: Rawkus 50 Offers Unsigned Rappers A Chance
The requirements for entering your skills are that your content be prolific and you must provide 10 mastered tracks for one album.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/12/2007 7:50:29 AM

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Rawkus Records has a cherished and indelible place in the hip-hop history books, as it was the preeminent label of hip-hop’s glory age.  More then a label, the name became a motto for what was right with hip-hop, and over the course of its storied history, became the model for all independent labels that followed in its wake.  Now, Rawkus is back, and in doing so ushers in its rebirth with the same ideology it previously used to become a powerhouse - delivering quality music! 
The “RAWKUS 50” is the 50 Next important hip hop artists!  As one of Hiphop’s most trusted brands, Rawkus Records will select 50 members ideally suited to represent our logo. The “RAWKUS 50” will receive the consistent marketing efforts of the founders of Rawkus Records.  First, Rawkus Records will consolidate the cumulative fan-bases in the interests of the cooperative.   Then, Rawkus will market the “RAWKUS 50” as a whole, while maintaining the essential one-on-one focus on individual artist development.  Jarret Myer and Brian Brater, co-founders of Rawkus Records are eager to explore all the opportunities and new artists that will arise with “Rawkus 50” as Jarret comments “This is such a great opportunity for both artist and label.  There are so many talented artists with substance and a do it yourself spirit that deserve a larger promotional outlet.”  Likewise, Brian asserts “with the Rawkus 50, Rawkus will provide unprecedented opportunities for Independent artists.”  Further, Slop Funk Dust, content manager of the “RAWKUS 50” laments “When have you ever heard of a respectable record label accepting unsolicited material from the general public? I could send my demo to Def Jam, but it's just gonna end up on someone’s floor. The Rawkus guys are loading up their IPOD’s and listening to submissions like mad men. This is the perfect opportunity for that one guy, that's been recording albums in his basement and posting his videos on youtube. It is also perfect for artists that are already established and have followings and are just interested and hungry.  For those established artists this can be a way better outlet than mixtapes.”
Artists chosen for one of the coveted 50 spots MUST have developed Myspace communities and sufficient Youtube (or equivalent) links.
In addition to the “Rawkus 50’s” comprehensive internet marketing strategy, Rawkus Records will provide the “Rawkus 50” with the following cooperative marketing opportunities:
**National Full Page Print Campaigns with trusted Hiphop Magazines
**National Internet marketing and promotion
**Sponsored NY and LA Showcases for the “Rawkus 50” to perform
**Blog and Podcast hosting, marketing and promotion
Artist Creative Requirement:
Non Prolific artists need not apply.  If you cannot consistently create and churn out dope music, the “Rawkus 50” is not for you!  Artists must submit and deliver a minimum of 10 (ten) mastered tracks for one album.  Rawkus Records will promote and market the album.
Artists will remain fully-independent and be free to sign with any label of their choosing, or Rawkus Records if we approach you and you accept.
Please submit all entries for “Rawkus 50” to: to the attention of Slopfunkdust
Please be sure to put the “Rawkus 50” as the subject; if your e-mail submission is over 10MEGS, please use Yousendit to upload your zipfile entry.

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