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Hip-Hop News: Teen Ensemble "Profound Intent" To Debut Release
The album titled "Street Profanity: Expressions of Innocence" will be available in stores October 9th, 2007.
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Posted by Dave
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1/31/2007 9:23:12 AM

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Washington, DC native Teen Hip-Hop ensemble Profound Intent is preparing not just the music industry and retailers but society, for their  USA debut album "Street Profanity: Expressions of Innocence"; a record strongly geared towards positively influencing youth. The group features founding-members Larry “LaPret” Pretlow II ( 17, Rapper ) niece Kie’Arra “Mizz Redz” Pretlow ( 18, Rapper ), Devan “Lil’Ace” Brockenberry ( 14, Singer ) and newcomer Alzater “Al-Baby” Acee ( 16, Lead Singer ) who replaces the groups former lead singer ( who was booted in December 2006 and can be heard on their 2006 release “Play the Field” ).

"Street Profanity: Expressions of Innocence" will kick-off the crafting of Profound Intent’s artistry, making it clear that Profound Intent will be sticking around long enough to potentially become a Grammy Award winning top selling recording ensemble. “We decided to name the album ‘Street Profanity: Expressions of Innocence’ simply because when it comes to society saying ‘Profound Intent’ people act as if we’re a disgrace for wanting to make a change. It’s almost like saying the ‘f word’ in church. When you mention us or what we talk about on the album it’s like what’s a common language to us, is profanity to the streets”, says Mizz Redz about the albums appropriate title.

The album in stores October 09, 2007 featuring 11 all-new songs written by front man LaPret and co-written by Mizz Redz touches on ‘self-establishment’ through relationships, friendships and society. On an anthem-like single entitled “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me”, the teens encourage youth to put just as much faith and reliance as they do in others within themselves, by using the metaphor of looking into a mirror and seeing ones many promising possibilities beyond ones life of turbulence and troubles. 

A controversial track that might seem to edgy to be a Profound Intent record is “Fashion of Attraction” the song slated to be a single release tells youth about the ‘fashion of attraction’ in which one gets so caught up in living a dream that, who you think is the right one is simply playing a part that your illusion cast them to portray; meaning a person who may seem to be Prince Charming or Cinderella may really be all that’s worst. “A lot of times as teens we get so caught in just wanting to have someone that we go after the first person that catches our eye and see what’s really a fling as a long-term relationship and end up getting hurt emotionally; therefore for our album to be focused on ‘self-establishment’, this teaches youth something about their emotions and desires which plays a great deal in self-establishment” says LaPret.

To celebrate the album release later this year the group plans to hold a Parade from a District of Columbia school to the RFK Stadium where they will perform the entire album LIVE, LaPret World ENT is currently working with the District of Columbia Public School system and DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to conduct the parade.

For more details and to stay in tune with Profound Intent and their forthcoming album release visit the official website which also links to their official Myspace.

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