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Hip-Hop News: B.G. Introduces Hip-Hop Group "Chopper City Boyz"
The popular rapper B.G. known for the growth of the bling-era is getting ready to drop his hip-hop group's latest release.
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B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz
We Got This (2007)
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
1/10/2007 3:16:51 AM

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The Chopper City Boyz, comprised of Sniper, VL Mike, Hakim (aka Hakizzle) and Gar — all grew up together in New Orleans, the very same city that spawned B.G. and the bling-era of hip-hop.  Poised to make their first mark on the hip-hop world, The Chopper City Boyz’ Hakim, B.G.’s younger brother, has already appeared on tracks by B.G., Turk, Mack 10 and Lil’ Wayne. The members of the group have also appeared on B.G.’s last 4 studio albums released through Chopper City/KOCH.
The first single from We Got This, “Make Em Mad,” was produced by David Banner and is starting to quickly gather traction at radio. The single was #3 Most Added in its first week at radio. The video for “Make ‘Em Mad” was shot in Atlanta and directed by The Terrero Brothers aka Jesse & Ulysses Terrero, who together have directed videos for Nas, Young Jeezy, and many more.
 “After being in the game for 12 years, I’m introducing my new group,” says B.G. “The Chopper City Boyz are the next step in the Chopper City movement. Since the breakup of my super group The Hot Boyz, there’s been a lack of talented real hip hop groups from the South.  The Chopper City Boyz are gonna change all that.”
A complete track listing for We Got This is as follows:
1.     Intro - Ziggy
2.     Taking Over - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar
3.     Bounce - Hakizzle, VL Mike, Gar, Sniper
4.     Make Em Mad - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar feat. B.G.
5.     Thoro Street Nigga - VL Mike, Sniper, Gar
6.     It’s Real – VL Mike
7.     What I Like About Her - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar, B.G.
8.     Flatliners - Sniper, VL Mike & Gar
9.     Chopper City - Gar
10.   Never Had - VL Mike, Sniper & Gar feat. Mercedes
11.   Knuckle Up - VL Mike, Sniper & Gar
12.   Heart of a Killer - Sniper
13.   I Can Do That - Gar feat. B.G. & Lady Dolla
14.   Going On – Hakizzle, VL Mike feat. B.G.
15.   Crucial Shit - Hakizzle
16.   All We Got - Sniper & VL Mike
17.   Shake Em Off - Gar, Sniper & VL Mike
18.   All Eyes On Me - Gar feat B.G.
19.   The Price Is Right - Hakizzle feat. B.G.

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