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Xbox 360 Wins Over PS3 When Compared
H3TV makes an unbiased side-by-side review of the Xbox 360 and the PS3.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/7/2006 6:04:26 AM

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Score one for the "little guy." Microsoft's Xbox 360, which currently owns less than a 20% share of the mega- billion dollar Video Game Console market, delivered a smashing upset of Sony's PlayStation3 in H3TV's head-to-head "Fight Night" battle at the Apollo. The PlayStation brand currently dominates the market with over 60% of the consoles in use.
H3 Enterprises, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: HTRE) reported this morning that in a totally unbiased side-by-side face-off on H3TV, witnessed by cameras from CNBC and BET as well as a slew of magazine and newspaper reporters, Xbox 360 administered a convincing beat-down to it's highly sought after rival, PS3.
As a result of H3TV's split screen cyber technology, the overflow crowd was able to witness the two rival gaming consoles being played on the same 1080p monitor at the same time. Utilizing EA Sports' "Fight Night" on both consoles, H3TV was able to give the enthusiastic audience was given a clear view of the head-to-head imagery and graphics of the competing systems.
Many of Harlem's top rappers and "Fight Night" aficionados were given the opportunity to participate and experience the varied features that both consoles offer. The final results were unanimous and resounding.
"Xbox is flat-out better both visually and mechanically," said H3's chief communications officer and world class gamer, Adrian "Hollywood" Walton. "When 'Fight Night' is played at its highest level with the highest possible resolution, everyone was able to see Xbox 360's superiority to PS3 as clear as can be on H3TV."
Dipset and H3 superstar Juelz Santana was just as emphatic in his breakdown of the "Fight Night" face-off: "H3TV completely exposed that PS3's High Definition picture doesn't come close to Xbox, at least for "Fight Night." Everyone that had the opportunity to compete on both consoles scored Xbox higher right across the board."
HTRE will feature a second round of H3TV's "Video Console Challenge" at Friday's Spike TV "Video Game Awards," December 8th. Present plans call for EA Sports top selling "Madden NFL 07" to be played simultaneously on H3TV by the brightest stars and best gamers in the world. There will also be a basketball shootout utilizing EA Sports "NBA Live 2007" and 2KSports "NBA 2K7."  H3's "Backstage Booth" will be hosted by Walton and other Dipset stars.
H3 has also announced that due to its VGA travel schedule, its weekly Conference Call has been rescheduled for this coming Monday, December 11th at 12:00 noon. HTRE is the first publicly traded company devoted to the Hip Hop culture and community.

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