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Jeweler Offers Hip-Hop An Alternative Diamond
Adia Diamonds says that they are offering an alternative to traditional diamond's without sacrificing quality.
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Posted by Dave
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12/4/2006 11:21:02 AM

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Recent technological advances and a growing social awareness are changing the way people think about diamonds.

Bill Pearlman, president of Adia Diamonds, says "the fact that lab-grown diamonds don't come from a mine is of growing importance to a more environmentally and socially aware segment of the luxury jewelry market."

Laboratory-created diamonds are origin-guaranteed and conflict-free. The focus on conflict-free diamonds will become even sharper with the release of the film "Blood Diamond," starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Set in Sierra Leone, it portrays the use of diamonds by rebel groups to fuel conflict and civil wars. Another documentary film about conflict diamonds is slated for release in 2007, based on hip hop artist Kanye West's recording, "Diamonds from Sierra Leone," which won a 2006 Grammy Award.

Human-rights campaigners welcome Hollywood's focus on these issues and say it will help shed more light on the politics and practices of the diamond mining industry.

While laboratory-created diamonds have virtually no impact on the environment, diamond mines typically remove 275 tons of ore to produce a one-carat gem quality polished diamond. This material is removed through an open cast strip-mining method, which destroys ecosystems and the environment in the process.

Adia Diamonds is a leading producer of laboratory-grown diamonds and is the first and only company to bring laboratory-created, non-treated, fancy blue and colorless white diamonds to the luxury jewelry market. These diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds yet are a fraction of the cost. Hand-cut in Antwerp, Belgium, to the highest quality standards, all diamonds are then issued certification by EGL USA. The GIA announced they will begin grading laboratory-grown diamonds in 2007.

Currently, the only true guaranteed conflict-free diamonds are those which have been laboratory created. This gives peace of mind to all those who are looking for an alternative choice in a world of diamonds.

Adia diamonds may be purchased through the company's website at . So confident in these gems, Adia offers a lifetime buy-back, lifetime trade-up and a 14-day money back return guarantee.

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