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Jamie Kennedy Broadcasts Next Video Shoot With Stickam
Fans of Jamie Kennedy can watch him on the music video shoot all day Saturday December 2nd in NYC.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/30/2006 1:13:25 PM

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For the first time ever, Warner Bros. Records and Stickam(TM), the Internet's most powerful video communications player, are teaming up to provide fans the unique experience of being able to watch the making of Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone's latest music video all day on Saturday December 2nd in New York City.  The two stars are filming the music video for their Internet hit "Circle Circle Dot Dot" from their album and MTV show "Blowin' Up."

Kennedy and Stu Stone, along with the director and cast, will provide real-time, behind-the-scenes access to the shoot using Stickam's breakthrough technology.  Far more immersive than a traditional live broadcast or Webcast, the "Circle Circle Dot Dot" event brings viewers closer to the action than ever before by allowing them to dynamically interact with Kennedy and Stone using Stickam's revolutionary video chat tools.   The technology also allows fans to see how a music video is shot, the entire process, uncensored.

Fans can logon to and this Saturday and will have access until the production wraps for the day.  The video is being directed by Wormseye Films.

"The social networking generation is all about being hands-on, whether it's designing their own t-shirts online, meeting up with friends on the fly through location-based, cell phone tools or keeping track of their favorite bands on a second-to-second basis," said Hideki Kishioka, CEO of Stickam. "The traditional concept of a live broadcast with a passive viewing audience is becoming increasingly outdated for this group, which places a huge premium on instant interactivity.  We are extremely pleased that Warner Bros. and Jamie Kennedy have chosen Stickam to create this breakthrough, behind-the- scenes broadcast and anticipate a great response."

With over 200,000 users, Stickam(TM) is one of the Internet's fastest growing broadcasting and social networking Web sites.  The site features free video chat for members and provides entertainers with a unique way to share their live performances or events with fans.

About Stickam(TM)

Stickam(TM) is the Internet's most powerful, free video communications player offering live streaming video and video conferencing with unlimited bandwidth. The download-free Stickam(TM) player allows consumers to easily add dynamic, live video to their personal Web pages, blogs and auction sites by simply cutting and pasting the Stickam(TM) HTML code into the appropriate area of the site of their choice. Consumers can also upload pre-recorded video, music and photos to their Stickam(TM) players for site visitors to access at their convenience. The video can be viewed by virtually anyone and will play on any operating system including Linux, Windows and Mac.

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