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Hip-Hop News: ATL's Ying Yang Twins Drops Their Fifth Hip-Hop Album
The Ying Yang Twins consists of D-Roc and Kaine who just dropped their latest album.
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Ying Yang Twins
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/30/2006 11:27:34 AM

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The Atlanta-based hip-hop duo of D-Roc and Kaine, the Ying Yang Twins will release their fifth album, Chemically Imbalanced on November 28, 2006. Chemically Imbalanced is the follow-up to the Twins' 2005 platinum release 'United State of Atlanta (U.S.A.),' which bowed at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 with over 200,000 units sold; the disc was the Twins' second consecutive platinum album and spawned the Grammy-nominated single "Wait (The Whisper Song)," which peaked at No. 3 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Chemically Imbalanced meshes the Ying Yang Twins signature down South booty shake with Caribbean-flavored twists by teaming with multicultural rap icon Wyclef Jean and famed producer Jerry Wonder.
The album's first single, 'Dangerous' co-produced by Wyclef,  Jerry Wonder & Mr. Collipark set the stage for their hybrid blends of hypnotizing world compositions. Atop repetitive guitar plucks, heavy metal riffs and Wyclef's undeniable humming on the hook, D-Roc and Kaine admire the seductive poses of a money-making pole dancer.  The companion Sin City-styled video for 'Dangerous' is in rotation at BET, MTV2 and MTV. Their recently released second single, 'Jigglin' is climbing up the Hip-Hop chart and a video will be shot soon.
Ying Yang Twins rules online as one of the crown jewels of MySpace, as a top 10 hip hop artist with 500,000 friends and a total of 16 million plays to date. Online promotions for Chemically Imbalanced kicked off with an online premiere of the' Dangerous' video on Yahoo!, as well as a deck feature on Verizon for the same single. One week prior to release, the album will be previewed exclusively on MTV: The Leak, then expanding wider upon release with features on, as well as top hip hop and  music sites.
While they have been known to stuff bills inside a g-string or two, the Ying Yang Twins are more than just perverted pimps on wax. They do tackle the drama of life outside of the club. 'People try to look at us as one-dimensional artists that only speak upon the strip club,' says Kaine.
'We really have a better variety of things we speak about that pertains to normal life.' Look no farther then, 'Family' a slow churned beat as D-Roc and Kaine run down their family trees and tell of kinfolk who unfortunately followed the wrong path.
Offering a well-adjusted melodic diet made up of exotic dance grooves from around the world, grinding dirty dance music and real life situations, Ying Yang's Chemically Imbalanced is a melodic concoction just wild and freaky enough to have us all off kilter.

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