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Hip-Hop News: Rapper Saafir Drops New Album After 7-Year Wait
Oakland based indie record label ABB Records just dropped the new hip hop album from Saafir aka "Shaft Sizzle."
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/7/2006 8:00:08 AM

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He never thought he’d walk again, let alone record another album, but after a seven year hiatus recording artist Saafir returns a changed man on Good Game: The Transition, his new album debuting on Halloween. Teaming up with Oakland based independent record company ABB Records, Saafir aka “Shaft Sizzle” gets a rare opportunity to make a second first impression with his new album. “As the title Good Game: The Transition implies, this isn’t about a comeback for Shaft, he never left, but rather progressed as an artist and a man” says ABB president Beni B. “Something very few artists do today.”

A testament to his personal and artistic evolution, Good Game: The Transition sets his life to music through a blend of honest songwriting and thoughtful production. “This record is the kind of record where either you gonna be with me or you’re not. It ain’t gonna be no in between” says Saafir. “The album is really about the transition from ignorance to understanding, from darkness to light.”  

The majority of the album features production by Los Angeles producer Josef “JL” Leimberg of Snoop Dogg fame and a special guest appearance by vocalist Mike Marshall, best recognized for his chorus on the Luniz’s smash hit “I Got Five on It” to name a few.

Saafir has been steadily making music since the early 90’s when he banded with local hip-hop collective, Digital Underground. With three full length albums, including the 1994 instant classic Boxcar Sessions (Qwest Records), and several television and film appearances, most notably his memorable performance in the 1993 Hughes Brothers film, “Menace II Society,” Saafir has always put all of himself in everything he does. But sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you expect.

A string of professional and personal maladies, including surviving a lengthy battle with spinal cancer, slowed the once spirited emcee down, forcing him to take inventory of his life over the last several years. During this period of self-reflection Saafir discovered THE ONE GOD; turning to the Islamic faith in search of the spirituality he found lacking. With a newfound faith and a second lease on life, Saafir is more than ready to take on the music world one more time. “This music is my first love, so I gotta move something with that” says Saafir. “I’ma always do that – God willing.”

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