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Hip Hop Rapper Jair Dynast Announces Solo Debut Album
The hit single "Vicious" from the new release has been ranked #1 on RapAttacklives.
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Jair Dynast
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
10/4/2006 8:18:44 AM

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Anyone who is interested in hearing something different needs to listen to eMultimedia Group's flagship artist, Jair Dynast. One has only to visit to see the reaction that Jair is getting from fans and peers alike. Now the DJs have spoken - the buzz single, "Vicious" from his album is #1 in the nation on the industry standard RapAttacklives and #2 on RapNetworks Record Breakers Top 30 charts. Jair dares to push the envelope, tackles serious issues in a metaphorical way and does so with witty punch lines. Jair's solo debut album, "VIALENCE" is a classic, eclectic piece of art; as one of his fans said: "he's ahead of his time".

Jair clinched the #1 spot from some serious competitors such as Butta Team (featuring Little Brother and Big Daddy Kane) produced by 9th Wonder, Talib Kweli, westcoast mainstay Pigeon John w/b side featuring Rhymesayers Brother Ali. As you will see, we were up against serious competitors but the DJs have spoken.

When indie hip-hop record label eMultimedia Group introduced its flagship artist, Jair Dynast and the single "Vicious" from his new solo debut album, V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. to national radio, it was done primarily to create an awareness of this artist. eMultimedia Group aimed also to bring awareness to its motto: "Hip-Hop is Poetic Commentary on Life" and serve notice that the label is looking to present a positive vibe and image of our music culture. One only has to read this month's issue of The Source to see the problems that plague this very popular genre of music today.

Jair Dynast's solo debut album, "VIALENCE" is getting tremendous praise from DJs, reviewers, radio personalities and key members of the press. The concept for the title, its unique bi-fold out and the way each song is presented as a new chapter to his music fans is a deliberate attempt to demonstrate to the public how serious we are about Jair Dynast, his music and his messages. This is all done against a backdrop of dynamite beats - we are taking hip-hop back to its roots, "Pull Up" and start over as Reggae DJs say in the club. reviews Jair's album, 'VIALENCE' and remarks: "Jair's style is complex and witty and he doesn't hesitate to mix in positive messages"... "Another impressive feat is that the entire album is produced by Jair himself"... "a dope album". Adam Bernard, writer for Elemental Magazine said: "When I first received my copy of Jair Dynast's latest single I had no idea who he was but was instantly drawn to his song 'Pull Up'." KZSU - Cickee, Stanford, CA said: "This has a good mental edge to it. It has solid story telling and good sound concepts. This is nice listening with some smooth sounds. It is easy to include with different styles and sub genres."

Fans, DJs and the press are encouraged to read Jair's interviews, view radio charts and follow his climb on myspace Top 100 in rap/hip-hop for New York in the coming months. Fans can now also listen to full audio streams of these singles on, and Jair Dynast's website.

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