Hip-Hop News: DJ Green Lantern Mixes Up Ludacris' Pre-Release Therapy
Michael '5000' Watts, DJ Green Lantern, Ludacris and MixUnit.com are presenting "Pre-Release Therapy: The Truth Shall Set You Free."
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/26/2006 8:33:18 AM

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The Truth Shall Set You Free... With a moniker like that, and a mixtape titled like this, you probably get what Ludacris is hinting at. With one of the most powerful mixtapes in recent history, DJ Green Lantern, Michael ‘5000’ Watts and Ludacris team up with MixUnit.com to bring you Pre-Release Therapy: The Truth Shall Set You Free, an official MixUnit.com Collabo.

Five albums deep into the six-album deal he signed back in 2000, Christopher Bridges aka. The Multi-Million Man has helped Def Jam Records sell more than 10 million albums during his tenure. With his sixth, and possibly final, album with Def Jam right around the corner, the man that started as animated ATL radio personality Chris Lova Lova (Hot 97.5) stands on the verge of becoming the most sought-after free agent in Hip Hop history.

But before Luda can cross that bridge, he'll have to drop one final record: Release Therapy. And before he can do that, he decided he must serve his fans and followers with this underground release, a mixtape titled Pre-Release Therapy, a collaboration with 'The Evil Genius' DJ Green Lantern and yours truly, MixUnit.com.

A Team Invasion / DTP / Swishahouse / MixUnit.com collaboration, Pre-Release Therapy is already being billed as a front-runner for 'Mixtape Of The Year.' Judging from the participants, it's not hard to see why.

With a little mixtape therapy session courtesy of the baddest mixtape DJ ever and the baddest screw DJ in the game; Ludacris lets it all off his chest and opens up to the fans for this monster mixtape of all-new and exclusive music.

Available at MixUnit.com, Release Therapy: The Truth Shall Set You Free is the official mixtape prelude to Luda’s Release Therapy album.
Tracklisting and credits for Ludacris’ “Pre-Release Therapy”
1 – DJ Green Lantern Intro
2 – I’m The Truth
3 – You Don’t Know
4 – Supastar Boy
5 - Luda (Interlude)
6 – He Man
7 – Jump Off The G4 f/ I-20
8 – Cannon f/Uncle Murda
9 - Interlude
10 – Large Amounts
11 – Shakedown (produced by The Neptunes)
12 - Piggyback
13 – Just Bought Me A Plane f/ DTP
14 – More, More, More f/Jadakiss
15 – Duffle Bag Boyz f/Playaz Circle
16 – Rob The Robbers f/Young Buck & I-20
17 – Hot 97 Interlude
18 – In The Ghetto (remix) f/Busta Rhymes & Rick James
19 – Gangsta Niggaz f/Scarface
20 – Yeah Mufucka!! f/David Banner
21 - Outro
22 – Coochie Bangin’ f/O.D.B.

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