Hip-Hop News: Rapper Emile Works With Hip Hop Greats
The 26 year-old rapper has been selling tapes since junior high school and shows no signs of letting up.
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Posted by Dave
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9/18/2006 1:03:52 PM

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Born in Buffalo, NY in 1980, Emile’s love for hip hop started at a very early age, as he was already selling pause tapes in Junior High School; an endeavor that proved so successful he was able to parlay those sales into the purchase of his first pair of turntables.
After some run-in’s with the law as a youth and a subsequent house arrest sentence, Emile found himself locked indoors, which only further harnessed his turntable skills.  By 1997, Emile was a known entity in Buffalo and after his friend lent him his sampler he had found where his true passion resided---producing.  In 1998, Emile decided to leave Buffalo and headed for the bright lights of NYC to pursue his dream.  Emile found a job selling sneakers by day and by night you could find him creating beats and searching for emcees to bless them. 
Two short years later, Emile sold his first beat to Rodney Jerkins (who has produced for Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Jadakiss, TLC etc) and though the track never came out, Emile quit his day job and focused 100% of his time and effort on beatmaking.  In 2001, Emile connected with Eminem protégé Obie Trice and contributed two tracks to Obie’s platinum debut, Cheers, including the LP’s third-single, “Don’t Come Down,” which he co-produced with Eminem.  Emile’s work with Obie caught the ear of none other then Proof and the two collaborated on two tracks for Proof’s solo-debut Searching For Jerry Garcia.  Emile fondly recalls working with Proof: “If anyone were to ask me which record I produced is the most important to me, the answer comes easy. “Kurt Kobain” by my good friend Proof. I get chills every time I listen to it.  It’s his goodbye letter to the world, in the form of a song. Anybody who listens to the song can tell how deep it is; and how ill it is that it’s the last song on his album.”
From 2002-2005 Emile stayed on his grind as his reputation grew bigger, as he worked with a virtual who’s who list of artists; including contributing  two-tracks to M.O.P.’s now shelved Roc-A-Fella debut, Ghetto Warfare, Terror Squad’s Gold Album, True Story, Ghosface’s Pretty Toney LP, Raekwon’s Lex Diamonds Story, three tracks on Cormega’s 2004 LP True Meaning and three tracks from his 2005 LP Legal Hustle, Everlast’s White Trash Beautiful and contributed the official NY street anthem of 2005 on AZ’s A.W.O.L. with “New York” featuring Ghostface, Raekwon and DJ Premier. While Emile’s credits thru 2005 were glowing, in 2006 he promises to ascend further up the Hiphop production ranks and become a household name!
Every producer has a track that they can go back to in their past, which for them served as there respective “Break-Out” production: for Emile, Obie Trice’s “They Wanna Know” from Obie’s sophomore solo-LP, Second Rounds On Me certainly looks like the track Emile will look back on five years from now and realize was just that; its already served as the theme song for the 3rd season of HBO’s wildly successful show Entourage and is being widely hailed as one of the best tracks to emerge from 2006.  In addition, Emile has already completed tracks for a diverse range of artists for projects that have already dropped or are slated to appear this year; including Snoop Dogg’s The Blue Carpet Treatment, the bonus track (“Pity The Child”) on The Roots Game Theory, two tracks on Ice Cube’s almost Gold Laugh Now, Cry Later LP, two tracks (including the standout “Bullet And A Target f/Citizen Cope & Jon Brion) on Rhymefest’s Blue Collar, Remy Ma’s There’s Something About Remy, two tr

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