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Hip Hop Charts And More Delivered To TouchTunes
Popular Billboard charts service delivered to digital jukeboxes from TouchTunes Music Corporation.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/18/2006 11:54:41 AM

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TouchTunes Music Corporation, the world leader in digital-downloading commercial jukeboxes, and Billboard, the world's most trusted source of music, video, and digital entertainment news, charts, reviews, and analysis, have agreed to provide all TouchTunes online jukeboxes with current Billboard music charts.

Under an agreement starting October 1, TouchTunes will have exclusive rights in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to download and display Billboard's 13 most popular charts.

TouchTunes is the first digital jukebox company ever granted rights to any Billboard charts.

Jukebox patrons will have on-screen access at the jukebox to the Billboard charts that TouchTunes considers most relevant to jukebox play, updated weekly via electronic feeds from the publisher. The jukeboxes will display information for songs and tracks from the top half of each chart. Using the jukebox's interactive touch screen, patrons will be able to select songs to play directly from the charts.

In addition, jukebox operators will have access to the same charts via TouchTunes' proprietary Web-based Operator Dashboard, an online music programming and business management tool.

The initial 18-month agreement provides for the following Billboard charts, which are based on airplay monitored by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems and sales data compiled by Nielsen SoundScan:

-- The Billboard Hot 100
-- Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
-- Hot Latin Songs
-- Hot Country Songs
-- Hot Modern Rock Songs
-- Hot Mainstream Rock Songs
-- Hot Adult Contemporary Songs
-- Hot Rap Songs
-- Hot Dance Music/Club Songs
-- Latin Pop Airplay
-- Latin Tropical Airplay
-- Latin Regional Mexican Airplay
-- Hot Canadian Digital Songs

Financial terms of the agreement weren't disclosed.

Laurie Hughes, TouchTunes vice president for business affairs, said, "Our exclusive deal with Billboard demonstrates that digital jukeboxes have joined the music industry mainstream and that TouchTunes is leading the parade."

She added, "We think this will encourage more record labels and music publishers to grant rights for digital jukebox play for more of their songs. With the addition of Billboard charts, TouchTunes' online jukebox network, the world's largest, becomes an even more potent platform for promoting artists and recordings."

"Coin-operated, pay-per-play jukeboxes have long been an integral part of the music business," said John Kilcullen, president and publisher of Billboard Information Group, a unit of VNU Business Media. "TouchTunes' industry- leading, digital-downloading jukebox network has revitalized the world of coin-operated music, and it's an attractive and powerful vehicle for distributing our charts and leveraging the Billboard brand."

Dan McAllister, TouchTunes senior vice president, sales and marketing, said, "This is another first for TouchTunes and another unique benefit for our jukebox operators and patrons. The Billboard charts have long been the most authoritative source of information about music popularity. We're proud to be associated with the Billboard name.

"Billboard's charts will be of immense help to operators in programming music and to patrons looking for songs they've heard on the radio or elsewhere but can't identify," McAllister said. "Helping patrons find songs faster enhances their experience with the jukebox. And the faster they find their songs, the faster the jukebox generates revenue for our operators."

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