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Hip-Hop News: Indie Hip Hop Gets Ringtone Download Service
New ringtone company based out of Atlanta is targeting independent hip hop artists.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/14/2006 9:28:08 AM

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Atlanta-based ringtone company, Hi-Fli Tones, has launched its new, state-of-the-art website ( and begins a campaign to take on the $700M ringtone download industry.

But, it’s not so much what they’re doing but how they are doing it. Hi-Fli Tones has opted to fill its content catalog with A-Town favorites like Shawty-Lo, BHI, and Yola the Great, instead of the more mainstream music found on the Billboard Charts. Why? President and Managing Partner of Hi-Fli Tones, Tim Maxman, explains “In many explosive urban markets like Atlanta, Miami, and Houston, the evening radio countdown doesn’t play the Billboard Top 40. Instead, it’s full of local celebrities who make music specific to that region. That regional music is essentially overlooked by more popular sites like Jamster so we decided to fill the void. In the process, we give consumers an alternative and we create a revenue stream for local artists.”

Adding some extra appeal to this innovative movement is double Platinum hip-hop artist, Young Jeezy. Hi-Fli Tones approached Young Jeezy and his label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE), back in February of this year about being the face of their promotional campaign. CTE believed in the idea and the relationship has flourished from there. While Jeezy’s many accomplishments have been chronicled in the pages of major music publications such as Source, Vibe, and Rolling Stone, it was Jeezy’s success as an underground artist that attracted Hi-Fli Tones. “Jeezy brought a street culture and credibility to the Atlanta music scene that didn’t exist before him” says Maxman. He continues, “We knew that if we wanted to be taken seriously within the Hip-Hop category, we had to partner with someone whose image defines the urban music scene."

About Hi-Fli Tones
Hi-Fli Tones is all about delivering street-authentic digital content to the masses. Founded by Bernardo Hicks and Tim Maxman, the company's aim is to offer an array of exclusive gangsta ringtones, songs, wallpaper, videos and more from a roster of current and rising stars from today’s underground urban movement. Hi-Fli Tones lives by the belief that artists deserve greater respect, control, and compensation than the mainstream record industry currently provides. It is this philosophy, combined with its street credibility and access to the artists themselves that makes Hi-Fli so unique. Now, armed with an effective grassroots marketing campaign, Hi-Fli will become the go-to spot for what’s hot on the streets.

Hi-Fli Tones continues to search for and provide opportunities for emerging artists to expand its fan base and awareness through the distribution of multimedia content. For more information on Hi-Fli Tones, please visit

About Corporate Thugz Entertainment
Corporate Thugz Entertainment was formed in 1998 by Young Jeezy and childhood friend Demetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee with one goal in mind: “To put the gangsta back in music and to set the streets on fire!" After selling over 10,000 copies of “Come Shop With Me,” an underground album released in Atlanta, Young Jeezy parlayed this accomplishment into an artist deal with Def Jam Recordings. Then, with mind-blowing sales of Jeezy’s special-edition Gangsta Grillz (DJ Drama) Mixtapes, a Top Ten debut on the Billboard charts with group Boyz In da Hood, and platinum sales of his commercial release, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, Corporate Thugz Ent attained a very lucrative label deal via Def Jam. Today, CTE is poised and ready to move to the forefront of the rap world as the one of the premiere imprints in the music industry. For more information on Corporate Thugz Entertainment, please visit their website

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