Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop Represented Via RuffNation Channel
An all new service titled vMix is a combination of new entertainment channels via the web.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/12/2006 10:57:17 AM

vMix, a Web community "The World is Watching," today announced the addition of new entertainment channels to the vMix Channels line-up which include popular content from Fox Home Entertainment, Bravo TV, The Family Guy and now Warner Bros., RuffNation and Synthesis. Featuring more than 20 channels, covering topics from action sports, fashion, music to cheerleading, vMix has the broadest channel line-up of user-generated and branded online videos.

Live at www.vmix.com, users can catch behind-the-scenes exclusives of this summer's hottest box office mega-hits to fall show previews on the Warner Bros. Channel, watch rap and hip-hop's most innovative players on the RuffNation Channel and be on the cutting edge of culture at the Synthesis Channel. vMix members can also tune in closer to their favorite content by personalizing their playlists and channels line-up, enabling users to have complete control of what and when they want to watch. For those users who are not sure of what they want, vMix offers featured channels, Editor's Picks of the Day, and the choice for vMix users to recommend and share their playlists and favorites with friends in their social network.

"We are excited to be expanding our channel selections and offering users a true broadcast experience on the Web," said Terry Ash, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing and co-founder of vMix Media. "Our videos flow seamlessly from one to another, just like watching TV channels, although the difference is that vMix provides its audience the unique opportunity to create and interact with their favorite branded content without having to worry about copyright issues."

Since November 2005, vMix has teamed up with partners to enable their audiences to interact and build a community around user-generated content combined with popular copyrighted content from major entertainment companies like Fox Home Entertainment and Bravo TV. Similar partnerships have flourished between vMix and branded media companies leading to the creation of the following new channels:

* Warner Bros. Channel that features insider entertainment content and
interviews with the "movers and shakers" in Hollywood.

* RuffNation Channel features the latest urban and youth genre film
entertainment from RuffNation Films; and the freshest hip-hop videos
and artist interviews from RuffNation Music.

* Synthesis Channel -- sponsored by Synthesis Magazine -- is the
one-stop-spot for the next generation of cool. Featuring round-ups of
the most innovative videos of style, music, art and technology, the
Synthesis Channel helps users stay on the cutting edge of culture.

"vMix and its partners value the creativity of every individual," said Ash. "Every person has the ability to create what they want to watch and share that with friends, family and the entire vMix community. Rap and hip-hop fans, urban kids and Hollywood entertainment buffs can all come together at vMix and have exactly what they want to watch at their fingertips. vMix is the only site that allows users full access to the vast library of our licensed content and encourages them to manage channels that combine user-selected and user-created content for the optimal Web broadcast experience."

vMix has more than 1.4 million unique visitors monthly and a more than 140,000 registered members uploading photos, videos and music daily. Users can link this uploaded content to their profile and organize it into their personalized channels or watch preprogrammed ones like the Warner Bros. or Fox Channel. What's more vMix members can subscribe to their favorite channels to view and comment on what they're watching.

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