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Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop Legend's Youngest Protege Muszamil Makes Debut
Rapper's new album titled "Reparation Is Due" is set to drop September 19th.
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Makaveli Presents Muszamil
Reparation Is Due (2006)
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/31/2006 7:22:34 AM

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Hip hop artist Muszamil who is the youngest protégé of the late Tupac Shakur is living proof of the word survival. Growing up with  a life that most would find  tailor made for the silver screen was instead reality for Muszamil who is commonly known as Mil. Kamil Beale was born in Newark, New Jersey on November 23, 1980. When he was one year old both his parents, Aquillah and Salek Beale where murdered in front of his eyes and his brother Seike Beale later committed suicide. After his older brother Mutah joined the Outlawz under the alias Napoleon he moved, along with Mil, to Los Angeles, California where he, Tupac, Kadafi, Fatal, Young Noble, EDI & Kastro were part of the legendary  Outlawz. Tupac then gave Kamil the name Kamillion. Fans may remember on the track As The World Turns 2Pac asked Kamillion Wanna a Make a Million? and from that young age the rapper now known as  Muszamil has been grinding non stop to reach the top. With a strong and focused dedicated work ethic Mil has achieved a lot in his young career.
Fans would first become familiar with the young rapper when he was known under his former alias Hellraza which signified his struggles as a youngster being raised and coming up  in the streets of New Jersey in hell like conditions. In the early stages of his career Muszamil had made appearances on all Outlaw related projects .In 2002  Kamil was the first ever rapper to be on Outlaw Recordz outside of the Outlawz when Kamil dropped the street classic Hell Razed Us. Currently as an artist Muszamil has shown an incredible growth and has raised his music to another level. With music that can be described as raw, authentic, soulful, and captivating. Muszamil has also added acting to his talents with appearances in films and hit Television shows such as The Shield, Barber Shop and more.
Muszamil is set to carry the torch for his late mentor Tupac Shakur  as well  for his brother Napoleon who retired from music in 2004 to focus on his faith.Muszamil has managed to generate a fanbase that stretches from Australia, to Slovenia and with that kind of worldwide appeal Muszamil has generated interest for touring in Germany, Australia, and The United Kingdom. Muszamil along with his close friend and fellow rapper H Ryda are truly one of  the Last of the dying breed of  artists who are a reflection of the past and have a modern day vision to succeed as well as have limitless potential for the future.

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