Hip-Hop News: Breakthru Radio Announces Hip Hop Specialty Show
Known for its role as the voice of the World's Best Independent Music, Breakthru Radio announces a new show called The Third Rail.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/24/2006 1:41:14 PM

Breakthru Radio (BTR), the Internet’s voice of the World’s Best Independent Music, once again raises the bar with its new hip-hop specialty show The Third Rail. With an eye for talent BTR has gained a reputation for airing shows featuring the most gifted of independent artists and DJ’s. Just Jay and DJ RasCue of Urban Umpires gained over 1.5 million listeners during the first week rotation of its pilot episode, and then exceeded those numbers by over 75,000 listeners per day on week one of Episode 2.

BTR no restrictions mantra allows Just Jay and DJ RasCue to create a hip-hop mix show like no other. With the support of underground legends (Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles will be appearing as a regular guest host on future episodes) and well known independent labels (ABB records, Swindle Entertainment, & Hieroglyphics), the mix show reaches into the raw underbelly of “real” hip-hop. Actual skilled mixing and scratching has become a rarity on hip-hop radio, but The Third Rail includes freestyles by guest host MC’s and a playlist featuring artists across the globe.

Unlike other radio stations, BTR offers listeners with on-demand programming. A first in internet radio, listeners can cater to their musical preferences, while still finding the best independent and unsigned artists across the world. No wonder The Third Rail is causing a buzz in the hip-hop community.

Episode 3 of The Third Rail will air Monday, August 28, 2006 featuring Grand V aka 50 Grand from Homeless Derilex as the guest host. Included in the 60 minute broadcast will be the best hip-hop from Asia and a tribute to one of the most renowned DJ/Producers in the world, the late Jay Dee aka J Dilla. “We’re about skillz not image,” Just Jay stated.

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