Hip Hop's Verbal Kent Gears To Drop "Move With The Walls"
The sophmore album titled "Move With The Walls" is set to drop in stores October 17th.
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Posted by Dave
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8/24/2006 1:14:25 PM

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Gravel Records present's Move With the Walls, (which will be released on 10-17-06) the introspective and powerful sophomore release from Chicago's Verbal Kent.  Verbal’s 2004 debut, What Box, featuring Wordsworth & One Be Lo, generated considerable buzz both in the U.S. and abroad. 
However, within months of his debut release, Verbal Kent survived an attempt on his life. His throat was slashed in an alley near his home, the wound just missing his jugular vein by centimeters. With the near death experience providing the prime motivation for his sophomore album, Move With The Walls breaks down the reality of a recovery in progress and the will to break free from the confines and the hold of the pain associated. The album also covers a range of topics and concepts, such as “Rewind”, detailing a troubled relationship, and “Trapped”, about feeling overwhelmed by life's situations.

With the help of incredible production, courtesy of Oddisee (who chips in four tracks), Maker of GLUE, Overflo, K-Kruz of Modill, Kaz1 and Earmint, Verbal Kent's ‘Move With the Walls’ is a thoughtful manifesto that fused with classic hip-hop collaboration tracks, alongside such artists as Ill Bill of Non Phixion, Tableek of Maspyke, Blade (UK), Longshot, as well as label mates Earatik Statik and Rusty Chains.
Having toured with such legendary artists as Sadat X of Brand Nubian and ED O. G., as well as having shared the stage with KRS-One, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, the GZA and Boot Camp Clik, Verbal Kent is well prepared to make an impact in 2006 both on wax and on stage.
Tracklisting and Credits for Verbal Kent’s Move With The Walls:

1.        First 2 (produced by Leadbelly)
2.        Barcode (produced by K-Kruz)
3.        Remain Hungry (prod by Kaz1)
4.        Dead Serious ft. Ill Bill & Lance Ambu (produced by Kaz1)
5.        Expand (produced by Copperpot)
6.        Move With the Walls (produced by K-Kruz)
7.        Trapped ft. Blade & Los of Earatik Statik (produced by Kaz1)
8.        Dear Diary (produced by Maker)
9.        Burden of Proof (produced by Oddisee)
10.     Duesday ft. Tableek of Maspyke & Racecar of Modill (produced by Oddisee)
11.     Remind (produced by K-Kruz)
12.     Big (produced by Oddisee)
13.     Life’s a Bitch with a Gun (produced by Oddisee)
14.     Trust Me ft. Longshot & Rusty Chains (produced by Maker)
15.     The Good Die Young  (produced by K-Kruz)
16.     A City Without a Villain ft. Lance Ambu & Sef of Earatik Statik (produced by Overflo)
*Bonus Track: The Locksmith Pt. 1 (produced by Earmint)

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