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Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop Emcee Jin Kicks Off Thrid Spitcam Edition
The freestyle video posting site hosted by the rapper known as Jin enters its thrid edition.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/15/2006 7:52:50 AM

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Jin The Emcee, a.k.a. Hundred Grand Jin, and LiveDigital are rolling out the third edition of the most popular interactive hip-hop destination on the Internet -- Spitcam ( Already a favorite hangout for underground hip hop aficionados, Spitcam III aims to attract new talent through features like live chat (dubbed "Spit-Chat" by Jin), which allows fans to chat with each other in real time. Event host Jin The Emcee will be spit-chatting with the Spitcam participants and freestyle fans on a weekly basis.

Beginning August 14, freestylers will once again have the chance to upload 90-second freestyle webcam raps, and submit them to the Spitcam III open call. Once the clip has been uploaded, battle rappers and hip-hop fans will vote the clip "dope" (thumbs up) or "wack" (thumbs down). The open call will run through September 1, when the top sixteen MCs will be selected based on their "dope" vs. "wack" vote ratio.

"Rappers hungry for a battle needn't look any further -- Spitcam III is here," said Jin. "With the latest edition of Spitcam, rappers looking for their break get a chance to exhibit their skills, collaborate with like-minded artists and potentially launch their career. And with the new 'Spit-Chat' feature, we're sure to see more beef, bad blood and vicious battles than ever before."

Winners and runners up from the previous two Spitcam competitions all experienced a dramatic increase of exposure for their music, as they battled their way to the top of Spitcam for a chance at a place in the coveted Spitcam Hall of Fame. "I would be walking through the streets and hear [an opponent's] diss to me playing out of a car driving by. It's mad crazy that thousands of people across the country watched my video and voted," said Rodriguez, A.K.A. SupAMario of his victory in Spitcam I. "Spitcam has given me a boost with my career, people from all over have been ordering my new mixtape."

Some of the biggest names in hip-hop got their start battle rapping, a competition in which two emcees stand face to face and take turns verbally attacking and spitting rhymes against the other. After going through the predetermined number of rounds, the audience decides which emcee walks away the victor.

"Battle rap is one of the most raw and authentic forms of hip-hop, and it's a great feeling to know that we've created an equally authentic home for freestyle rappers to gather and share their music," said Lawrence Ng, CEO of LiveDigital's parent company "As the community and momentum behind Spitcam grow, we want to continue to provide the competition with increased technical capabilities and tools. Spitcam III is by far the most advanced Internet hip-hop competition of its kind."

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