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Hyphy Hip Hop Movement Goes "Sydewayz" On DVD
For those that want to see what all the hyphy hype is about, check out this DVD depicting ghost riding and more.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/14/2006 12:21:25 PM

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The whole world wants to know “What are sideshows?” – “What exactly is ‘hyphy’?’ This is the authentic DVD that shows how an infamous East Oakland event called the Sideshow gave birth to the hip hop Hyphy movement. SYDEWAYZ categorically touches every aspect of the Sideshow lifestyle. This is streetlife as you’ve never seen it. Thousands gather to watch these exhibitions of automotive chaos every weekend in one of the most dangerous cities in America. “SYDEWAYZ is the first and most authentic project to ever capture and present “The Sideshow” / “Yay Area” /  “Hyphy” movement to the world!

“We're happy to be a part of the Destroy family.” says producer Yakpasua “Yap” Zazaboi- who Dateline NBC calls “The Sideshow equivalent of Mario Andretti.” “They posses the leadership and vision that is necessary to successfully introduce our form of cutting-edge urban media! They actually care about what this movement means to the world, and that matters to us.”

You’ll get an overdose of cars “Swangin,” “Doors Open,” “Gas, Break, Dippin’” and of course – “Ghost Riding Ya Whip”! But watch your back because the police are out to strip your ride and take you to jail! “If you get a ticket – you better deserve it!” This DVD takes you where the news cameras don’t.

“Destroy saw this movement coming a mile away, and it was not from the tire smoke. The raw intensity of the DVD was captivating enough to for us to add it to the roster, we also feel this movement is a genuine phenomenon and our company takes pride in being on the front lines and supporting new youth cultures,” says Sean Murphy, President Destroy Entertainment. 

“This movie is a great representation of an underground movement that clearly communicates the next urban Hip Hop phenomenon- the Sideshow and Hyphy lifestyle.

SYDEWAYZ is a authentic documentation of a movement that follows in the spirit of Destroy and their commitment to delivering credible content to the public.” Says Eric Boyd, CEO Destroy Entertainment.SYDEWAYZ features music from Richie Rich, Vidal of The Delinquents, Beeda Weeda, Noize, Mistah F.A.B and Destro among others. Text DESTROY to 74466 for official SYDEWAYZ Ringtones, Wallpapers, and More.

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