Hip-Hop News: Rap/Hip Hop Artist Seven Featured At Scribble Jam Event
Hip Hop artist Seven readies for a national tour to support his debut release, Dirt 2 Diamonds, to be released on Mercy Soldier Recordings in September 2006.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/4/2006 6:42:54 AM

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The first stop on his tour is the legendary Hip-Hop Music Festival -- Scribble Jam in Cincinnati, Ohio from August 10-13. Seven is scheduled to perform his hit tracks 'Hip Hop”, “Dirt 2 Diamonds”, “Doesha”, “Fat Laces” all from his debut album.

Scribble Jam, now in it's 11th year is America's largest Hip-Hop festival. The weekend festival embodies the essence of true Hip-Hop culture. Scribble Jam goes back in time, seeking to recapture the original spirit of the B-boys, DJs, Graff Artists and MCs who formed the foundation of the Hip-Hop lifestyle we love so much. Scribble Jam has become an annual tradition for Hip-Hop enthusiasts from all parts of the US, forging all the skills of hip-hop and the urban culture together under one roof. Past Scribble Jam participants and attendees include Eminem, Mood, Mr. Dibbs and a host of other underground greats.

As South Florida’s very own hip-hop maestro, Seven walks the walk and talks the talk on his exceptional debut album, Dirt 2 Diamonds. Upheld by his already stellar local reputation, the microphone prophet born T. Haimes delivers his keen life observations on the title track, gets nostalgic on “Fat Laces,” the buoyant, upbeat ode to old school, and bumps with “Club,” a celebratory look at nightlife.

Yet as much as he portrays strength and vision, Seven has endured his share of hardship, including the 2004 shooting death of his older brother. The very same sibling, who as a young teen, encouraged him to pursue music. “He heard me rapping,” Seven remembers, “And he gave me the confidence that I could do this. Losing him so tragically has been hard, but he will always be in my heart.”

Persistent and sturdy from front to back, Seven’s spitfire rhymes coupled with a diverse stylistic approach has helped him become a sensation on Sunshine State stages and local radio. Fueled by the desire to elevate himself and uplift the genre, the deserving artist on the verge of success is definitely one to watch for.

As Seven puts it, “My name Seven, which is Society’s Evolutionized Vision for Eternal Nation (S.E.V.E.N) is way more than just lucky number seven. People may see me as a certain kind of artist, but there is always a message in my music, and it’s more than likely that I’ll project positive stuff.”

Listen at www.theofficial7.com

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