Hip-Hop News: Mixtape Masters Present "Say Uncle...2 Hard For Hip Hop"
Uncle Murda, DJ Green Lantern and The Mix Unit have teamed up to present a new release.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/3/2006 9:32:38 AM

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Seven years ago when Uncle Murda began taking rap more seriously, the prospect of having the #1 hip hop mixtape in the streets was probably as far off his radar as possible.  But nearly a decade later, standing alongside DJ Green Lantern and The Mix Unit, the 26-year-old Getting Money Gangsta is beginning the dream.

Teaming up with the notorious mixtape master, The Evil Genius, and the #1 mixtape website in the world, Uncle Murda compiles a street compilation of the latest tracks for the mixtape die-hards across the nation.  Titled Say Uncle...2 Hard For Hip-Hop, the mixtape represents two of the mixtape game's most crucial co-signs: Green Lantern and Mix Unit.
Reppin' Brooklyn's East-side to the end, Uncle Murda first splashed the mixtape game a couple years ago when he started popping up on mixtapes with his partner Cutmaster C. Building an undeniable buzz among the hardcore hip-hop fans, that wasn't the only attention Murda was gathering.
DJ Green Lantern told Murda he could see him bringing New York back. Don't believe us?  Do the math: Mixed, arranged, produced and co-signed by The Evil Genius, this mixtape is the real deal. It marks the beginning of the Uncle Murda movement. East-side Brooklyn, stand up!

The 26-year-old Getting Money Gangster puts seven years of hard work into motion with this major mixtape invasion. With the mixtape to give Uncle Murda the attention he deserves, Green Lantern brings you the mixtape that he calls "powerful."

Bringing you more than 20 new and exclusive records, DJ Green Lantern and Uncle Murda team up with The Mix Unit bring you this official Mix Unit Collabo. Including NINE (9) tracks produced by The Evil Genius, you're guaranteed to Say Uncle!
Tracklisting and credits for Uncle Murda/DJ Green Lantern – “Say Uncle…2 Hard For Hip-Hop”:
1.) Intro - African Bootlegger
2.) 2 Hard For Hip-Hop [produced by Green Lantern]
3.) Without My Click GMG
4.) Suicide
5.) Cough Up A Lung
6.) Broke Niggaz Shit
7.) Getting Money Gangstaz
8.) Mind Full of Demons [produced by Green Lantern]
9.) Body Armor Skit
10.) I Shot The Sheriff [produced by Green Lantern]
11.) Murderer pt. 2 feat. Akon [produced by Green Lantern]
12.) Poppin' Niggaz Skit
13.) Ride On My Enemies
14.) I Dare Niggaz To Say My Name
15.) Africans Skit
16.) Hood Rulez Apply [produced by Green Lantern]
17.) Been Thru The Storm
18.) Tell 'Em What They Want To Hear [produced by Green Lantern]
19.) Africans Skit
20.) A Green Beat And Some Green [produced by Green Lantern]
21.) Murda Old Shit Skit
22.) Shootin' & Missin' [produced by Tuneheadz]
23.) Set Up For The Jux Shit
24.) Kick, Push [produced by Green Lantern]
25.) How To Dead Beef
26.) Gun With A Body feat. Maino [produced by Tuneheadz]
27.) Murderer pt. 1 [produced by Green Lantern]
28.) We Gunnin'
29.) Ride 4 Me

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