Hip-Hop News: TVT Records Inks Deal With Southern Rapper "Magic"
Son of locally prominent jazz musician, Magic is getting ready to release his debut CD in 2007.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
7/31/2006 1:14:50 PM

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TVT Records announces the signing of New Orleans rapper Magic. Born Awood Johnson, Magic hails from the streets of New Orleans' now-devastated Ninth Ward. The son of a locally prominent jazz musician, Magic is the hottest talent coming out of the area in years and will release his TVT debut, tentatively titled Before & After, in 2007.
Magic is no rookie in the music industry. It was here in his hometown that he got his start in the rap game, working the underground scene and eventually signing with New Orleans' own C-Murder (brother of CEO and mogul Master P) in 1998 to his fledgling label Tru Records. With the buzz on Magic high, Master P moved Magic from Tru Records to his own No Limit Records.

Magic was heralded as the artist that could put Master P back on top, but it was an uneasy pairing from the beginning. Magic soon joined the scores of other No Limit artists who exited the label, disgruntled by business practices. Magic could not stay quiet for long, though, and is back full force with TVT Records behind him.
"In the past I've been in some bad label situations, which has held my music back. But with TVT Records behind me, I can finally make the mark on this industry I know I was meant to make, "says Magic. "TVT's so strong in the South, and together we're gonna take it to the very bottom -- the Ninth Ward!"
"The talent coming out of New Orleans has always been great, but Magic has a real raw power in his voice and raps that will connect with fans all over the country," says TVT Records President, Steve Gottlieb. "Magic has a real story to tell and the talent to make people listen."
Already a huge force in the South with their fingers on the pulse of Atlanta's crunk scene, TVT is poised to reach even deeper into the Dirty South with Magic's TVT debut.
About TVT Records
America's #1 independent record company for five consecutive years, TVT Records celebrates 20 years of discovering and breaking some of the most revolutionary recording artists and exciting trends in music. TVT Records has given the world such impact artists as Nine Inch Nails, Ja Rule, Underworld, Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon. The label has had an indelible impact on music by being involved in the early days of a host of new genres from Electronica and nu metal to Crunk and has earned the reputation of always being on the cusp of what is next.
Up-and-coming artists making noise include Latin hip-hop star Pitbull, R&B songstress Teedra Moses, pop sensation Marcos Hernandez, Southern-fried emcee Yo Gotti, party rap group Da Muzicianz, English rabble rousers Tower of London and alt rock faves Ambulance LTD among others.

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