Hip-Hop News: T-Weaponz Rappers Make Drama Film Debut
Rap group members from T-Weaponz are making their acting debut at the HBO NY Latino International Film Festival at the Imagine Asia Theater.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
7/27/2006 12:07:32 PM

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Members of T-Weaponz make their acting debut in supporting roles in the much anticipated drama Transformations, debuting at the HBO NY Latino International Film Festival, Thursday, July 27 at the Imagine Asia Theater.   
This urban drama is about how a tragic event can significantly alter the path of one's life.  Following the death of his mother, Brian (a White suburban teenager) is forced to fend for himself in a hostile inner-city high school.   He finds refuge with a neighborhood drug dealer (Saide) who takes Brian under his wing only to set into motion a set of events that will transform them both.   Good intentions may come with deadly consequences. 
T-Weaponz has risen from New York's underground hip hop scene and is bridging the gap between mainstream hip hop and Latino MCs.   With incredible success in Latin markets such as California, Texas and Arizona, T-Weaponz is excited to return the Northeast and support local events.   "New York is our home and whether its music or film we strive to be part of its artistic fabric, Latinos need to stick together in all arts and we're really proud to be part of this project".
View the trailer at www. TransformationsTheMovie.com
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