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Hip-Hop News: Big Hutch Released From Federal Prison
1-Ate Seven (Gregory Hutchinson a.k.a. Big Hutch/Cold 187um) of the Legendary West Coast super group, Above The Law will be released from Federal Prison on Friday July 21st, 2006.
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Posted by Dave
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7/21/2006 6:37:19 AM

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1-Ate Seven is currently housed in the Federal Correctional Institution in Forrest City Arkansas. He is being released after serving 105 weeks for conspiracy to traffic 100 pounds of marijuana in a case that was pursued by Federal agents of the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA). At the time 1-Ate Seven stated, AI was driving, and federal marshals pulled me over, and picked me up. They told me I had been indicted for drug trafficking." The rapper/producer was indicted based on the testimony of a desperate individual who made a plea bargain with the United States Government. This individual made erroneous claims that Hutchinson was present and knew about the alleged deal and drugs. From the time of his indictment on up to his release, family, friends, as well as those in the Hip-Hop community felt that the rapper had poor and incompetent legal representation during the case and was railroaded because of his career as a "gangster-rapper" and being a pioneer of the West Coast Hip-Hop movement in the early 90's which the general American media claimed to promote and celebrate California's on-going gang-violence, drug selling, and virtually every negative vice that continues to plague L.A. and American cities that have large minority populations.

According to the group's representative Damon X, "Those familiar with Above The Law, can bear witness that the group have made it their responsibility on every record to speak on the issues that affect them and their community at-large which is really just a microcosm of everything that is wrong with this country. In fact, it could be stated that they are a cross between Public Enemy and N.W.A., young revolutionaries who speak directly to the masses of people of color. With a name like "Above The Law" and albums titled "Black Mafia Life" "Living Like Hustlers", and "Uncle Sam's Curse" the snakes that make up this country's judicial system found a way to silence them, since they couldn't do it in the music industry, but it was only a temporary set-back."

Prior to his sentencing, 1-Ate Seven released his second solo album "Live From The Ghetto" on his independent label WestWorld Records. While serving his sentence in Nevada, California, and Arkansas, the rapper used the time to review his personal and professional life. He has written over 50 songs that he plans on recording as soon as his feet, hits the concrete jungles of Los Angeles. "1-Ate Seven's time in the pen, really got him to re-evaluate his personal life and his career. The homie has a renewed energy that will be very evident in the music he produces for himself and other artists" stated to his representative.

Gone are his previous monikers "Big Hutch" and "Cold 187um" which has now been replaced by "1-Eight Seven." Back in high school and on the streets of Pomona and South Central Los Angeles, Hutchinson was known to do away with rappers who tested his lyrical skills and he was given the name "Cold 187um" by his band-mates. The name "1-Ate Seven" will show that same competitive spirit which will be beneficial in help rejuvenating the current rise of the West Coast scene. The producer will heavily concentrate on promoting his production abilities that made him a household name when he first came into the industry. He's looking to make his mark not only on the west coast, but world-wide. His focus will be behind the board, the microphone, and his various business ventures.
With 1-Eight Seven being released, as well as group member DJ K-OSS (who was also recently released from prison after serving four years for drug possession), Hutchinson and his Above The Law cohorts are back with something to prove.

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