Hip Hop Fans Can Mix Their Own Custom Beatbox Beat
The all new web-based service from Verizon allows users to combine beats to create their own beatbox creation for free.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
7/19/2006 9:24:22 AM

As Web-based activities continue to morph into more intense and interactive experiences, Verizon today launched the Verizon Beatbox Mixer, an interactive video and music tool that puts performances of famous beatbox musicians in the control of Web-site visitors. 

Located on Verizon's broadband portal, www.richerdeeperbroader.com, the beatbox mixer is a cutting-edge cross between a music video, a video game and a drum machine. 

It lets users combine digitally recorded video tracks (or "beats") from artists into mixes of their own. Beatboxing is a form of music that started the hip-hop and rap genre in the late '70s and early '80s. Also known as human orchestration, beatboxing composes rhythms and sound effects created with the mouth, tongue and throat. 

The Verizon Beatbox Mixer is a first-of-its-kind Web site, blending an audio mixer video showing the performers of each "beat" or track as they perform the player's mix. The concept, executed for Verizon by R/GA, Verizon's long-term digital agency, supports Verizon's corporate brand theme, "Richer, Deeper, Broader," and is intended to show people how powerful broadband is, while pushing the capabilities of the Web to its limits. R/GA used its broad knowledge of emerging consumer trends, technological expertise, and extensive background in creating engaging video experiences to make the Verizon Beatbox Mixer a reality. 

"Verizon wants to show the world that broadband is much more than just e- mails, downloading photos and surfing the Internet," said Andrea Fant-Hobbs, vice president of brand management at Verizon. "It is the platform to collaborate, to create and to share. And it enables you to move your imagination forward as if you are right there in the action." 

Brian Price, executive director of Verizon's Online Center of Excellence, said, "The Verizon Beatbox Mixer is an engaging, interactive tool that again demonstrates our passion for the creation of the richest experience possible. It gives the user a full experience - a visual and aural experience as if the user is in a recording studio creating these mixes with the beatboxers. These beatbox sounds are unique and have a universal appeal because the sounds are fascinating and are made vocally without any instruments. Adding to the fun, the individual mixes can be saved and e-mailed to friends." 

Five of the best beatboxers in the country were selected with help from Terry "Kid Lucky" Lewis, founder of Beatboxer Entertainment, the nation's first human beatboxing production company. Each beatboxer recorded dozens of beats, or vocally generated rhythms: Rahzel from The Roots headlines the site. Click Tha Supah Latin has worked on the hit movie "8 Mile," was featured in a beatboxing documentary, "Breath Control," and gives beatbox performances with his three children. Masai Electro, beatboxing for over 15 years, has worked with Missy Elliott, The Neptunes and Jermaine Dupree. Butterscotch is a student at Sacramento State University and last year's Female Beatboxing Champion at the Hip-Hop World Challenge in Germany. Max B., a high school science teacher, has been beatboxing since he was eight years old and demonstrates how to beatbox through an online learning tool he developed. New York-based beatboxer Baba Israel was selected as the voice of the tour guide on the Verizon Beatbox Mixer back story. 

Visitors to www.richerdeeperbroader.com/beatbox can create, save and share their own performances, listen to those created by the beatboxing artists themselves, or listen to the most popular ones created. When mixing their own,

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